Freestyle Takedowns
by Carl Adams

Some of the Freestyle Rules for wrestling have changed and they tend to change every year. However, Head Coach Carl Adams of Boston University Wrestling covers many Freestyle Takedown Techniques, Freestyle defense to leg attacks and basic Freestyle takedown Strategy. Takedown Defense. Approximate running time of entire course is 60 minutes.

Chapter 1: Freestyle Rules
1 Intro to Freestyle Takedowns 02:17
2 Taking your Opponent from his Feet to his Back 02:44
3 The High Amplitude Throw 01:51
4 The Freestyle Takedown 01:42
Chapter 2: Takedown Techniques
5 Double Leg Tackle 01:20
6 Single Leg Tackle 03:22
7 Throwing Techniques 03:04
Chapter 3: The Headlock
8 The Headlock 01:25
9 The High Amplitude Headlock 00:37
10 Headlock from an Overhook Tie 01:33
Chapter 4: The Arm Spin
11 The Arm Spin 02:00
12 The Russian Arm Drill 01:55
13 Work on your Footwork 01:46
14 Locking your Arm 01:08
Chapter 5: Body Locks and Double Overhooks
15 Body Locks and Double Overhooks 03:22
16 Headlock from the Bear Hug 01:38
17 Bearhug Techniques 02:46
18 Trapping the Arm 01:24
19 The Slip 02:02
Chapter 6: Freestyle Defenses to Single Leg Tackle
20 Freestyle Defenses to the Single Leg Tackle 03:52
21 Belly Roll 01:39
22 Pop your Man's Head to the Outside 04:43

CoachJobo Carl Adams

A+W Wrestling actually started over 33 years ago. Carl Adams has been introducing innovative wrestling products to the market for over 33 years. His World Class Wrestling Institute is considered by many to be the finest wrestling camp in the world. He has written three very popular instructional wrestling books and his 9 instructional wrestling videos have been the most popular instructional wrestling videos over the past 17 years. Over 100,000 of his videos are being studied worldwide. 

Carl also invented the "ADAM" Takedown Machine 30 years ago. The "ADAM" Takedown Machine is considered by many to be the finest takedown training device ever for the sport of wrestling. That is, until now. 

During September of 2003, Carl Adams, a former four time National Champion and college coach for the past 34 years, felt that there was a tremendous need for what is now called the Snap and Shoot Takedown System. Carl and one of his former wrestlers, Dr. Earl Walker acted on their belief of what this piece of equipment could do for wrestlers at Boston University and for wrestlers all over the country. Hence, A+W Wrestling Equipment Inc. was formed.

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Great course! Carl Adams is a great coach!
Oct 28, 2016 10:12:34 PM