Yin Yoga for Crossfit

by Martine Ford
Yin Yoga for Crossfit


Yin Yoga for Crossfit is targeted to the crossfitter who wants to relieve some of the tightness and soreness that may be experienced each week after your W.O.D. (Work-out Of the Day). This class is also beneficial to anyone who is looking for an 'all-rounder' Yin Yoga class providing eustress to the tendons, ligaments and fascia to most of the body. Now, I know Crossfitters are meant to work on mobility after each session, but how many of you actually do that? This one hour class gives you the chance to practice anytime, anywhere, and I recommend that you practice at least once a week. Dedicating yourself in this way will optimise your crossfit performance and health overall. The beauty of this course is its convenience.

Yin Yoga is actually recommended to be practiced when you are ‘cool’ not necessarily straight after exercise, but it still can be added after your W.O.D if that suits you best. This yin class is the perfect complement to your intense, yang style of exercise and is a beneficial recovery tool. A Yin practice assists you to protect the parts of your body that are usually vulnerable to strain and injury. The intense style of Crossfit definitely encourages strength and power and that can cause the connective tissue to tighten leading to soreness, reduced mobility and possibly time out to recover. Yin is quite different to the stretches that you might typically do after your W.O.D. because it isn’t actually about stretching muscle. Instead it works closer in towards the bone offering what I like to refer to as eustress, a healthy stress as opposed to distress. Our bodies actually need a certain amount of stress to stay strong and healthy.

The poses in Yin are held typically for 2 – 5 mins which is needed to eustress the tendons, ligaments, fascia, muscles and joint capsules. Maximum intensity is never the aim in Yin Yoga so we do not take joints to their extreme ranges of motion,  instead we aim for 60 – 90 % intensity. In these long holds you will practice mindfulness, noticing what is going on in your mind at any given moment, but not get carried away by it. Yin Yoga for Crossfit has been researched, designed and tested on crossfitters, to give you a class targeted to your individual needs.  A calmer, more relaxed and mobile you is just one hour away. So what are you waiting for… Book this Course!

Before you start the class I suggest you read the Yin Yoga Practice Guidelines document, so you have an understanding of the safest way to practice. 


The Coach


Martine Ford

Yoga Instructor & Founder of Spirit Yoga


Martine Ford first started Spirit Yoga in Port Macquarie in 2010 after a desire to share her knowledge and passion for yoga with others. After a decade, that has grown also to an appreciation of Pilates for it's ability to help re-habilitate imbalances in the body and injuries, so effectively. Of course, Barre was a natural progression as it encompasses all of her passions since the age of four to today: ballet, yoga and now Pilates! 

A former professional dancer, she has a Diploma in Dance as well as numerous yoga certification in: Power Yoga, Core Strength Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, Pilates (mat), Reformer Pilates, Pre & Post Natal Yoga, Kids Yoga and Yoga for Seniors (mat & chair). 
Martine’s classes are powerful, playful and nurturing and you can practice a class locally, online or download one of her e-books on Amazon. She has also taught numerous classes, courses and workshops including presenting at Ekam Yoga Festival. 

Martine has trained with Duncan Peak and Power Living Australia Yoga (Advanced Power Yoga), Zenergy Kids (Advanced Kids Yoga), Jo Phee (Yin Yoga), Sadie Nardini (Core Strength Vinyasa), The Yoga Institute (Pre/Post Natal Yoga), Donna Farhi (Yoga for Lower Back Pain), YMEDICA REWIND Gold: Successful Aging (Yoga for Seniors), Body Soul Wellness/Josie McKenlay (Pilates mat & Barre), Reform Fitness (Reformer Pilates). 

Ratings and Reviews (3)

Jessica Pateman

This is an amazing and inspiring video, I have enjoyed watching this and following your unique ways of teaching ying yoga for crossfit! I don't do crossfit but I found that I got a great stretch too my whole body and felt relived, relaxed and renewed!!

Aug 28, 16 06:12 AM

Mutasem Khatatbeh

Great course

May 30, 20 03:42 PM


Good not bad

May 11, 21 11:28 AM

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