How to use your QB training plan

Welcome and congratulations on making a commitment to developing your young quarterback! Quarterbacks like Tom Brady and Drew Brees had somebody do the same thing when they were youngsters.

The quarterback is the offensive leader on the football field. Playing quarterback is fun, challenging and filled with responsibility. This Training Plan can make you as a better coach, and your player or child a better quarterback.

The videos in this training plan are arranged by major skill categories, such as Handoffs and Passing the Football. Watch the videos in each category and read the accompanying materials, then get out on the practice field. This training plan assumes the player is right-handed; with just a little adjustment, however, all the techniques and drills are perfectly suitable for a left-handed passer. 

By the time you complete this training plan - and have put in lots of reinforcing practice - you will have learned all the major skills and techniques necessary for a young quarterback to be successful. We hope your youngsters continue to strive for perfection and have fun playing the position.