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Championship Productions

Instructional Videos and DVDs for Coaches and Athletes


Championship Productions has been helping athletes and coaches achieve success and realize their fullest potential for over 35 years. We carry out this mission by producing high quality, instructional products featuring the most renowned coaches in every sport.

Our authors represent the most successful coaches and athletes in their fields including NCAA Champions, Olympic Gold Medalists, Most Valuable Players from the NBA and MLB, and Hall of Fame coaches and athletes.

From youth sports to professional sports, Championship Productions offers a vast selection of cutting edge topics for coaches and athletes who want to compete for championships and reach their personal goals.

With more than 100 years of coaching, marketing and video production expertise in our offices, Championship Productions is unparalleled in its ability to successfully take a vision from the idea stage to the market place.

Since 1976, Championship Productions has produced thousands of instructional videos for coaches, athletes, and parents all over the world!