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Kim McCullough

My name is Kim McCullough, and I’m the Director & Founder of Total Female Hockey


I started Total Female Hockey back in 2008 to help other aspiring female players avoid making the same mistakes I made. I spent most of my hockey career injured, tired and frustrated because I didn’t have the access to the instruction, information and inspiration I needed to get to the next level properly. I learned everything the hard way – on my own, with no help, and no guidance from any female players who had played at the elite level. That’s why I work with players, parents, coaches and associations all over the world – because I believe every female player deserves the opportunity to take their game to the next level under the guidance of a coach who has been there and genuinely wants to help them succeed. All of our Total Female Hockey instructors have played at the highest levels of women’s hockey too – all the way from the Provincial Women’s Hockey League (PWHL), Canadian University (CIS), NCAA and National team level.