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Rolf Götz

Coaching Beyond Championships


Don't hesitate to contact me for a no-risk approach to win beyond championships.

I coach youth athletes and coaches the games of Flag and American Football for almost three decades now. I worked with both the Men's and Women's Flag Football National coaches in Germany. I currently hold C and B coaching licenses from the German Olympic Sports Confederation.

I coach teams and coaches beyond championships.

My service is to help coaches, staff members, teams, clubs, and associations to:
- succeed more often
- and improve in less time than the competition,
- with transformative coaching.

Who do I support?

Head Coaches

How to coordinate teams, staff, and athletes (even) better
How to make sure that we select the right athletes for our state or national team
How to form better teams, staff, and athletes during practice, team speeches, and 1-on-1's
How to improve team spirit, for greater fun and for more success
How to be a transformative coach, bridging the gap between coaches and athletes on any level

Coaches or Coordinators

How to use sparse practice time (even) better
How to guarantee a better team performance in much less time
How to create (even) more resilience among staff and young athletes
How to make young athletes perform (even) better

Club Presidents or Athletic Directors

How to get a better grip on the organization
How to optimize the efforts of the available staff
How to optimize the  "esprit de corps" of all departments and teams
How to build character in young athletes and staff
How to focus all departments and teams on desirable outcomes 
How to attract and retain top talent among young athletes and staff