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Jeff McAuley

Founder, Speed Revolution; Citrus Heights, CA


Jeff McAuley founded Speed Revolution out of his desire to share his knowledge in the area of sports performance enhancement with coaches, athletes, personal trainers, and all others who are interested in helping athletes perform better.

His passion for helping athletes and coaches has been proven by over 25 years of dedication in coaching athletes from a variety of sports and in speaking at numerous clinics and camps. His coaching resume includes coaching collegiate track and field teams to conference titles in six different conferences including the SEC and Big 10. He has coached numerous national champions at the age-group, high school, junior, collegiate, and senior levels. And has coached several world class level athletes that have competed in such events as the IAAF World Championships, Summer Olympics Games, and even the Winter Olympics. Over the years, he has also done extensive performance enhancement work with collegiate and professional football and baseball players. Currently, he serves as the Head Coach for the U.S. Army Wounded Warriors Track and Field Team, and as an Asst, Coach to both the Marines and Special Forces. In addition, he provides speed, agility, strength and conditioning training for active duty members of the US Army and to the US Marines Poolees.

Jeff holds a B.S. degree in Physical Education from the California State University, Northridge. He is author of numerous training publications and developed The Complete Hurdle Touchdown Times Calculator. His approach to training athletes and in educating coaches is to take scientific principles, simply them, and make them easy to understand and apply. Simply put, his goal is to educate athletes and coaches, helping them to perform better.