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Master Wong

Kung Fu Master - Sifu Wong is the creator of the MWS


Master Wong has designed a comprehensive 21st century training system. His realist approach makes it possible to apply the ancient principles of classical martial arts in a contemporary system for health, fitness, competition and street fighting. After many years of learning martial arts Master Wong has been able to apply the dedication he has developed through training into learning and understanding how to deliver the best quality media production, wed design and photography. This in turn has made it possible for the Master Wong to deliver his Martial arts to the world at the highest standard, in line with the latest technology and trends in Internet shopping and social media promotion. Master Wong like the martial arts he teaches continues to move forward and develop with the times.

The master Wong group, now with a proven track record of success and quality, offers services to other organizations wishing to improve the level of their exposure through video production, social media promotion, web design and photography making it possible for your business however big or small to have the best when delivering your production to the modern consumer market.

Master Wong is a unique in the sense that although he is a traditional Martial arts master, rather than being locked away in a monastery his mind is firmly embedded in modern cultural aspects of society and the challenges it presents.