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Mike Hollis

Owner/Coach at ProForm Kicking Academy


ProForm Kicking Academy teaches kicking and punting techniques that are NOT common among many other kicking camps out there! Even NFL athletes say that ProForm Kicking's technique is 'the most unique kicking and punting philosophy' they've ever seen! We are VERY detailed and teach the most productive and efficient kicking and punting fundamentals that will, without a doubt, make ANY dedicated and disciplined kicker and/or punter successful at ANY level!

Unlike many other camps out there, ProForm Kicking Academy focuses on the many very specific attributes that are involved within each swing of the kick. Much like the golf swing, there are a number of problematic issues that need to be addressed on a consistent basis. It takes very experienced coaches to identify each of these specific movements and correct them when needed. The ProForm Kicking coaches have 35+ combined years of recognizing proper and improper movements within the kicking and punting motions...not only by visually seeing them, but by experiencing them as well. Both Coach Hollis and Coach Gaetano have kicked thousands of footballs at ALL levels of football and have learned to identify and correct any problems they have encountered. That is what separates an average kicker from a great kicker...and ProForm Kicking Academy will assist in that transformation!