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Jeff Pinkman

Co-founder Pinkman Baseball Academy


The Pinkman Baseball Academy, located in Sterling, Virginia, first got its start as Pinkman Pitching in 1992. John, Jeff, and Pat Pinkman were all heavily involved in Reston Youth Baseball. Jeff had just started at South Lakes High School and Pat began at Langston Hughes Middle School. After Jeff and Pat completed their little league days John received calls from little league families asking for help with their sons. We did not have the facilities we currently operate now so John purchased a portable pvc catch net and arrived in families backyards to teach private lessons.

Over the next couple years John began teaching at one of the first baseball schools in Northern Virginia, the Mid-Atlantic Sports Complex, where he continued to teach pitching and Jeff first began instructing at 15 years old. During high school Jeff and Pat both played American Legion baseball and John became the pitching coach for the Reston/Herndon Post 184. After high school, Jeff received a scholarship to play baseball at the University of Delaware; John and Pat started one of the first travel teams for 16-18 yr olds in Northern Virginia called the Fairfax County Eagles. Shortly after playing for the Eagles and winning the CABA High School World Series Patrick received a scholarship to play at Virginia Tech. During college Jeff earned a degree in Exercise and Sport Science, Patrick was named a TPX Freshman All-American, and John was at work teaching pitchers from 30 different high schools in Northern Virginia.

From 1997 to 2000 John began to study more about the throwing motion from Tom House, Bill Thurston, and the American Sports Medicine Institute (ASMI). John was first introduced to Tom House and Bill Thurston during the annual “Injuries in Baseball” medical conference conducted by ASMI. While attending the conferences John was exposed to the blueprint of the throwing motion, learning how to reduce injuries and keep players on the field longer through developing a proper throwing and strengthening program.

In 2000 John, Jeff, Pat, and Ruth Ann opened Pinkman Pitching in Dulles, Virginia. This facility was design with the pitcher and catcher in mind. In their new home the Pinkmans developed a one of a kind 4 way video system that would capture one throw from 4 different angles at the same time. This system allowed instructors to analyze the throwing motion in detail to help pitchers maximize their potential and reduce the risk of injury.