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POWLAX l Patrick Chapla

Creating Confident Coaches


Purchasing individual courses or bundles will:
- allow you to download the corresponding Playbook PDF.
- allow you to test out of the POWLAX course material and receive a certificate of completion.

Youth organizations looking to use specific POWLAX content to certify their coaches can contact Patrick at to set up a bundle for your organization. Consider becoming a Patron of POWLAX on Patreon. Contributing $5 a month gives you access to all of the POWLAX Playbook PDF's.

The best way to grow the lacrosse is by empowering lacrosse coaches with the knowledge that will make them successful. Lacrosse is growing so fast that the number of coaches with lacrosse experience is overshadowed by the number of teams to coach. Many places rely on parent volunteers who may not have any experience with lacrosse. We create lacrosse coaching videos that all coaches can watch for free on YouTube. The majority of our videos are paired with a Playbook PDF that you can download by purchasing an individual course or becoming a Patron at