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Ken Taylor

The Speed Dr


Ken earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Oregon State University in Exercise and Sports Science, Exercise Physiology, and Biomechanical Movement. He has earned many awards including PAC-10 All-Academic Team 1982, 1983, and 1984 and was the PAC-10 Scholar-Athlete Medal Winner for 1984 representing track and football. Since 1988 Ken has worked with more than 5,000 athletes. It's great to train like the pros. Ken is a former NFL athlete from the 1985 Chicago Bears Super Bowl Championship team and the San Diego Chargers. Ken was also a world-class track athlete specializing the sprints and triple jump.

Ken specializes in helping the athlete understand his or her genetic potential through muscle physiology and movement biomechanics. He uses very unique communication techniques that help the athlete to understand what moving well should "feel" like and helps them master the ability of “What to move, Where to move, and When to move." The result is a spiraling chain reaction of positive confidence within each athlete that helps them strive for more. He goes deeper than just hard work. It's about the "psychology of speed." The athlete is taught how to think well while in motion. Ken is the author of two critically acclaimed books: "You Just Can’t Teach That! Or Can You?” & “How Fast Are You? You Can Be Faster”

"Ken puts aside the old way of thinking and shows there is a smarter and easier way of making real improvement to running and speed. I have to say, it was almost embarrassing how easily and quickly improvement can be made when Ken’s techniques are applied." - John Carpenter, Long time runner and parent of a high school athlete

"Ken takes an innovative, scientific, and holistic approach to speed training - a necessity for athletes that want to get to the next level." - The David Bergeron, Professional athlete: Stanford, NFL Eagles, NFL Panthers