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Tyler Whitcomb

Tyler Whitcomb Basketball Coaching Courses - Affordable master Courses for basketball coaches across the country


Head Basketball Coach for West Michigan Aviation Academy and The West Michigan Lakers AAU club. Coach Whitcomb is the Creator of the Championship Productions Basketball Video Encyclopedia of the Elevation Offense. As a long-time basketball coach at both the high school and college levels, Tyler Whitcomb found himself routinely spending a significant amount of money on online coaching courses, videos and other materials. This scenario comes with the territory for virtually any serious coach that is looking to expand his or her knowledge of the game.

The only problem is that, little by little, you can find yourself dropping $50 to $100 a week chasing down the information that you really need. That’s why Whitcomb has set out to create a service that blends affordability with the quality content that serious coaches are looking for. Tyler Whitcomb Coaching Courses is the affordable master class for basketball coach across the country. With a growing library of video courses — which, will eventually contain every offense and defense — Whitcomb provides an affordable experience in a number of ways.

● Each new course released will be available for $10. Each course is a comprehensive breakdown of a single offense, defense or other aspect of the game.

● A few times a year, these newly-released courses will be compiled into an ultimate coaches bundle.

● Looking for courses on offenses, defenses, BLOBs, SLOBs, running a program and more? The first ultimate coaches bundle is now available for just $97. This inaugural bundle provides a taste of the depth and variety you get with each bundle. The first installment features breakdowns of traditional offenses and defenses and also includes innovative concepts you’re not going to find in any other course.

Tyler Whitcomb Coaching Courses is growing to become the online superstore for serious basketball coaches who are tired of spending a mint just to gain the knowledge that will keep their teams innovative and competitive.

As a new basketball season ramps up, coaches of all experience levels can take advantage of one of the most comprehensive collections of videos,tutorials and guides made available through Tyler Whitcomb Coaching Courses.

The new bundle includes EVERYTHING that Grand Rapids-based high school basketball coach Tyler Whitcomb has rolled out over the last few months, providing coaches with everything from fine-tuning relatively basic offensive and defensive sets (i.e. 2-2-1 and pack line defenses) to providing resources that help with the strategy of the game, like his substitution charts, his
lesson on scouting, and also leveraging in-depth analytics to give your team the best possible chance at success.

However, what sets the Tyler Whitcomb Coaching Courses apart from a sea of run-of-the-mill tutorials is his innovative take on the game of basketball. Whitcomb brings with him decades of experience in the sport, and not just as a high school and college coach. He also brings with him the perspective that comes with his time as a semi-pro basketball team executive and a college basketball scout.

This unique experience has pushed Whitcomb to innovate new concepts that you’re only going to find in this coaches bundle. Some of these include:

● Cherry picking system. Do you have the (basket)balls to run this? Sprinkling in this unique, high risk/high reward set can confuse teams while opening up fast break opportunities.

● Ultimate pressure system — create 32 turnovers per game! Perfected during his time in girls high school basketball, Whitcomb has a tried-and-true system to ratchet up defensive pressure and hit this magic number for turnovers.

● The Elevation offense. This is one of the cornerstones to Whitcomb’s innovations in basketball. Whitcomb will break down every aspect of his unique Elevation offense (i.e. transition, continuity, set plats, etc.) And, the list goes on from there.

Innovations are vital for basketball coaches. An overwhelming majority of coaches that find success at any level are those that have a “secret sauce,” or at least a unique spin on an old concept. It’s important to constantly evolve your team’s approach to the game.

Unlock a variety of basketball innovations and a wide range of other helpful materials with Tyler Whitcomb’s coaching bundle — available for a limited time!

" I love your stuff Coach!! Your are an absolute coaching innovator and love seeing your stuff. I can't wait to see what you come up with and put out." ~ Andy Wood, Cincinnati, OH

" During my 40 years of coaching basketball at all levels, I have learned to adjust and welcome change to keep up with this ever changing game. Coach Whitcomb's concepts and ideas have impressed me and My staff. I give his lessons an A+ and would recommend for anyone to review. ~ Mike Ahrens, Ann Arbor, MI

"Been loving these lessons - it's very good shit!" ~ Jayson Bussa, Ada, MI