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Shawn Clement

Founder of Wisdom In Golf


What if you discovered that the ways you’ve manipulated your body in an effort to perfect your golf game actually made your game suffer? What if you discovered that simply changing your focus to specific, methodical actions could help your performance soar? And what if you discovered how following simple pieces of wisdom could help you break damaging habits and improve range of motion? Would you not change the way you went about your golf business?

Welcome to WISDOM IN GOLF, where the secrets to enhancing your game are backed my science, neurology, medicine, and of course sports! We celebrate the genius of gravity and motion instead of harping on any perceived defect. We humans are not defective – we are learning machines. And when you learn, there are no mistakes, just “is or is not”, “doing or not doing” or “on or not on task”. A focus on learning and awareness of our body’s abilities keeps the focus on staying in the zone and not on getting distracted by the fears of doing things incorrectly.

Imagine a place where you feel relaxed, engaged, and absorbed, where the theme is abandonment of control instead of seeking more control, feeling rhythm come to you instead of manipulating rhythm, and painting with broad and fluid strokes instead of painting by numbers. We chose the word WISDOM because it embodies what we do and teach: that combining knowledge, experience, understanding, and common sense all lead to better performance. Led by Shawn Clement, with almost 30 years’ experience helping golfers up their game, WISDOM IN GOLF uses the secrets of how your brain and skeletal system are wired and formed to open the door to a new way of approaching the game of golf. Join in on the wisdom to see your game soar!