The Dynamic Wrestling System - Level 5 of 16
by JasonLayton

Level 5:
Key Concepts to learn:
Strategies from bottom
Don’t get broken down
Don’t give up wrist control

1) Stand-up
2) Switch
3) Sit-out turn-in
4) The Peterson position
5) Sit-out turn-in Peterson roll
6) Fat-man roll
7) Sit-out turn-in fatman roll
8) Bronco
9) Knee-slide standup
10) The Gizoni
11) The Head-catch Gizoni
12) Crab-Ride Defense

Physical Requirements:
15 perfect pushups
60 Neck ups (and side to sides)
50 situps
1 Perfect Pull-up
5 Just hands to each side

JasonLayton JasonLayton

Ultra awesome wrestling coach guy... Once beat a lion and was crowned king of the jungle. Not a scrub. His mom says he's very handsome.

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