Train the Non-Dominant Eye - See Performance Improve

by Mike Cavers
Train the Non-Dominant Eye - See Performance Improve


Why would I train my non-dominant eye?  How does that affect my performance?  Better info/stimuli the brain processes the better it can move the body into a position for success.  Our brain is in control of how, when, and where to move our body.  It does so by the speed (or lack of) of info/stimuli it processes and the quality of the info/stimuli it processes.  Hitters have a blind spot in their strike zone.  They may see the ball better on one side of the body than the other.  The non-dominant eye gives the brain wrong info, or late info, or incomplete info.  How do you expect to have the brain move the body in a position for success with inferior info?  Learn how you as a coach can help your athletes to process info better which leads to improved performance.


The Coach


Mike Cavers

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Mike Cavers is a former college and profession baseball player.  After playing, he went to work for NIKE Baseball Sports Marketing as someone who attended spring training, weekly clubhouse visits during the season, and post/off season time with elite players from Ripken to Jeter to Pujols to Trout.  His close association and knowledge as a former player allowed Mike to learn what it takes to perform at a high level but also understand why and how some elite athletes are never able to acheive the consistency needed to make a career.  He helps solve the question of why some athletes, not the most athletic, acheive greatness that others are destined to but fail.  Innovation in training and truly understanding how to process visual info/stimuli is the difference in consistent performance.

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