Mastering the Princeton Offense - Online Course

by Quinn McDowell
Mastering the Princeton Offense - Online Course


Why Learn the Princeton?

There has never been a better time to learn the Princeton offense!!! 

Mid-Major programs like Richmond and San-Francisco have recently racked up wins against high major programs like Virginia and Kentucky using this system of play.

Give your team the tools they need to be an offensive machine. There are 7 key actions in the Princeton that will build your team into an unstoppable force. Learn the secrets of spacing, timing, and movement that will make your offense Impossible to Defend and Scout!!!

This offense will also help you:

  • Maximize Skilled Players
  • Provide Elite Floor Spacing
  • Use Players as Interchangeable Parts
  • Produce Wide Open Threes and Layups
  • Master more than 20+ quick hitters designed to get easy buckets


Who is Behind this Course?

My name is Quinn McDowell, thanks for checking out Mastering the Princeton Course! Here are a few details about how I came to create this course.

  • My experience playing in the Princeton style offense for 4 years at the Division 1 level (at the College of William and Mary) helped a below average athlete score over 1600 points and shoot 40% from three while leading our team to one of the best season in school history.
  • I continued to study these offensive concepts as a professional in my four years playing overseas in Australia, Spain, Latvia, and the NBA G-League.
  • As a current NCAA Division 1 Men's Basketball Coach (Lehigh University) I've refined these concepts to build a lethal offensive system that will take your team's scoring to the next level.
  • The Princeton System changed the course of my career forever and it can do the same for you and your team. I continue to write about the Princeton Offense (and much more) on my personal website


This is the best resource for learning the Princeton Offense on the internet!!!


What you Get:

  • Best Selling Princeton Offense Playbook (45+pages)
  • Tons of Live-Play Video Examples
  • Learn the Basic Actions + Quick Hitters
  • Whiteboard Sessions 
  • Breakdown Practice and Shooting Drills


Learn How to Unleash Your Offense Using the Princeton
The Princeton System uses pace, space, skill, timing, and shooting to take advantage of another team's defense. Learn to maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses using the Princeton Offensive system.


Learn the 7 Basic Actions of the Princeton Offense
There are 7 basic actions that make up the Princeton System. They are:

  1. Rod 1
  2. Rod 2
  3. Reel
  4. Wedge
  5. Chest
  6. Chin
  7. 5-Out

These actions make up 90% of the Princeton system and are used interchangeably. When you master these actions you can Master the Princeton.


Learn Princeton Quick Hitters
The Princeton Offense is built on a series of actions and patterns that can look familiar to opposing defenses. You can use an opponent's aggressiveness against them by implementing a series of counters and quick hitters that will take the defense by surprise.

Learn the Breakdown Drills
Princeton actions can easily be broken down into simple drills and small-sided games that allow you to implement these concepts and actions with your team from Day One.


Watch Video Examples of the Princeton in Action
The Princeton System is a beautiful symphony of interchangeable pieces that flow seamlessly together from one action to the next. I will give examples of each individual action so you can see the breakdown of smaller actions and how they fit into the bigger picture. I will also show you how when added together, these actions can make your team nearly impossible to guard.




What Other Coaches are Saying...


Quinn's expertise in understanding and teaching the Princeton Offensive System is unmatched. He helped me implement this offense at the high school level and it has been very effective at helping our team excel offensively! Any coach serious about growing their understanding of the offensive side of the basketball needs to take this course.

Paul Ferguson - Columbus North HS


Coach McDowell’s mastery of the Princeton offense is a must have for coaches of all levels. His materials included in this course are concise, in depth, and well organized. 

Mike Connors - University of the Sciences (NCAA Division 2)


Ordering Mastering the Princeton through Arete Hoops has helped me to incorporate the Princeton into our offensive scheme in a simple and effective way. There's no better product on the market.

Brad Bjorkgren (NAIA Head Coach)


Any coach serious about the Princeton offense should sign up for this course. It is really well done and extensive... a "must" for any coach using the Princeton offense.

Dr. James Gels 



The Warmup
1 Welcome Video 2:48 2 About Me - Quinn McDowell 3 What We're Going to Learn 4 Resources 5 Mastering the Princeton Offense Playbook 6 Mastering the Princeton Offense - Playbook Download
The Gameplan
7 Benefits of the Princeton Offense 8 Terminology
Fundamentals of the Princeton System
9 Interchangeable Parts 10 Interchangeable Parts 1:10 11 Alignments 12 Attack Areas on the Court 1:13 13 Starting the Offense 3:16
ROD 1 Actions
14 Rod Alignments and Starting Positions 1:15 15 Example - ROD 1 Action Slip 0:08 16 Example - ROD 1 Action Curl 0:10 17 Example - ROD 1 Action Backcut 0:14 18 Example - ROD 1 Action Throw Back 0:13 19 Example - ROD 1 Action Post Up 0:14 20 Example - ROD 1 Counter HPR 0:12 21 Film Review - Rod 1 Actions 1:56
ROD 2 Actions
22 Example - ROD 2 Action Backcut 0:10 23 Example - ROD 2 Action CURL 0:12 24 Example - ROD 2 Action Pop 0:11 25 Example - ROD 2 Slip 0:08 26 Example - ROD 2 Slip STAB 0:04 27 Film Review - Rod 2 Actions 1:19
ROD Counters
28 ROD 2 - Corner Action 0:11 29 ROD 2 - Vertical Pin to Post-up 0:11 30 ROD 2 - OPP DHO 0:10 31 ROD 1 - HPR Counter 0:07 32 Rod 1 - Elbow BS 0:06 33 ROD 1 - DHO 0:18 34 Film Review - ROD Counters 1:27
REEL Action
35 REEL Action Alignments and Starts 0:51 36 REEL - Flare to 5-out 0:16 37 Reel - Flare to Tight Curl 0:13 38 REEL - DHO Slip 0:09 39 REEL - Backdoor 0:13 40 Film Review - REEL Action 1:52
Wedge Action
41 Wedge Action Alignment and Starts 2:10 42 Wedge Action - Basic 0:17 43 Wedge Counter - 2 man game 0:12 44 Wedge Counter - Backdoorm 0:08 45 Wedge Counter - 5 out PNR 0:19 46 Film Review - Wedge Action 1:46
Princeton Quick Hitters
47 Quick Hitter - STAB action 0:10 48 Quick Hitter - Laser Cut 0:22 49 Quick Hitter - Rip Action 0:12 50 Quick Hitter - Flex Action 0:15 51 Quick Hitter - Middle Spain 0:16 52 Film Review - Quick Hitters 2:34
Chest Action
53 Chest Action Alignments and Starts 1:23 54 Chest Action - Strong Side Cut / DHO 0:15 55 Chest Action - Wave Through / FAKE DHO 0:17 56 Chest - Wing Downscreen 0:10 57 Chest - Wing Backcut 0:11 58 Chest - Wing DHO 0:09 59 Film Review - Chest Action 1:37
Chin Action
60 Chin Action Alignments and Starts 1:52 61 Chin - Backscreen/Flarescreen/5-Out 0:15 62 Chin - Flare to 3pt shot 0:10 63 Chin - Flare / Bumpback 3pt shot 0:10 64 Chin - Backdoor Counter 0:17 65 Chin - Floppy 0:13 66 Chin - Scissor 0:22 67 Film Review - Chin Action 2:18
5-Out Action
68 5-Out Alignments and Starts 0:47 69 5-Out - Backcut/DHO 0:11 70 5-Out - Wing DHO 0:11 71 5-Out - Double backdoor 0:18
Beautiful Princeton - Full Possession Film Review
72 Example 1 0:41 73 Example 2 0:20 74 Example 3 0:17 75 Example 4 0:24 76 Example 5 0:27 77 Example 6 0:26 78 Example 7 0:26 79 Example 8 0:26 80 Example 9 0:24 81 Film Review - Beautiful Princeton 5:18
Princeton Backcuts
82 Princeton Backcut Quick Hitters 5:18
Breakdown Drills
83 ROD Action Breakdown Drills 3:34 84 ROD 2 - Breakdown Drill (Practice Version) 3:36 85 ROD 1 - Breakdown Drill (Practice Version) 4:01 86 REEL Action Breakdown Drills 1:05 87 REEL Action Breakdown (Practice Version) 4:42 88 Chest Action Breakdown Drills 1:10 89 Chest Action - Breakdown Drill Practice Version 4:11 90 Chin and 5-Out Breakdown 1:27
Shooting Out of Princeton Actions
91 ROD Action Shooting 3:00 92 REEL and Wedge Shooting 2:04
93 Course Recap

The Coach


Quinn McDowell

Arete Hoops (


A Game Changer

For the last 4 years I've built my coaching career and now serve as a Division 1 assistant at Lehigh University. In my current role, I've continued to build on my areas of expertise which include:

*The Princeton Offense
*Ball Screen Continuity
*Player Development
*Leadership and Team-Building
*Coaching with Excellence
*Leading with Purpose

As a 4-year starter and all-conference selection at the College of William and Mary I scored 1600 points and grabbed more than 500 rebounds while helping our team to one of the best records in school history.

After graduation, I continued my playing career overseas in some of the best leagues in the world. I traveled the world for many years as a pro with stops in Australia, Spain, Latvia, and the NBA G-League.

I run the site where I write to thousands of followers about all things hoops, leadership, and the pursuit of excellence.

Ratings and Reviews (4)

Coach Rob

Amazing!!! Quinn breaks down the Princeton Offense in a way that is easy to understand and implement. I can already see so many different ways this will help make our offense more dynamic. Highly recommended to any serious coach who wants to help their team improve.

Nov 13, 20 06:06 PM

Brandon Parker

There is an abundance of information within this course. Having the whiteboard sessions before the live clips eases the application process of the information. Good content!

Nov 13, 20 09:04 PM

Liam Openshaw

If you are wanting to input the Princeton offense (or even parts of it) this is the place to start. I wish I had come across this before spending time/money elsewhere. This is the one-stop place for Princeton install, terminology, practice, whiteboard sessions, game footage and in my opinion is the only course you will need. There are other courses out there that will give you bits and pieces, but this is the only course I have found that offers EVERYTHING you need, especially if starting from scratch.

Dec 9, 20 07:49 AM

John Sanders

Good course. Explained actions pretty good and gave some breakdown drills to use to implement the offense. Liked the film breakdowns and still breakdowns also.

Jan 17, 21 03:44 PM

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