Passing Drills

by Coach Vann
Passing Drills



One of the core fundamentals in the game of basketball is passing. Passing inсоrроrаtеѕ tеаmwоrk and if your team can’t pass, it likely won’t win. You cannot expect to bе a gооd passing tеаm if you don’t work оn it daily.

Using basketball раѕѕing drillѕ iѕ a grеаt wау to imрrоvе уоur tеаm'ѕ раѕѕing аbilitу, whiсh iѕ essential in basketball and it will help you eliminate and lower your team’s turnovers per game. Thе kеу tо bесоming a rеаllу gооd passing tеаm is bу having ѕоmе drillѕ that ѕimulаtе rеаl gаmе like situations аnd teach your players thе tуреѕ оf раѕѕеѕ thаt they will nееd tо make in a gаmе. Thiѕ book dоеѕ juѕt that and will help to imрrоvе both your рlауеrѕ аnd tеаm'ѕ раѕѕing.

Surely, you do some of the same fundamental drills that everyone does, but how do you turn your group of players into an elite passing team? To improve passing, your players must work on it consistently. The Passing Drills playbook is loaded with drills that put your players in game-like situations where they are forced to make the correct decisions and make accurate passes. 

This book gives you over 1000 pages and 16 different categories that we break every drill down into. Whether it’s improving your team’s PNR passing, one more pass concepts, outlet passes, or post-entry passes, and more, this book has you covered.

The library of passing drills will be the only resource for team passing that you will ever need and, more importantly, it will immediately help your program win more games.



  • 1078 Pages
  • 16 Different Passing Drill Categories
  • Over 400 Different passing drills for you to choose from
  • You cannot expect to be a good passing team if we do not work on it in daily
  • The key to becoming an outstanding passing team is by having some drills that simulate real game like situations and the types of passes that players will need to make in a game. This book does just that
  • Improve your players and your team’s passing


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Coach Vann

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I have been coaching Basketball for over 20+ years. I have coached at both The High School & Collegiate levels as well as ran my own AAU business for 10 years. I most recently coached at Northwest University (NAIA).

I wanted to create books that could help coaches get everything they needed all in 1 book. These books were created for both the top 1% of coaches as well as the newcomers wanting to learn. No matter what level you are at these books have something for you. More importantly, stop buying books with little content! These books have a ton of content for you to dive into. Plays, counters, entries, false motions, & drills to go with them.

This is my life's work and I am sharing it with everyone. No secrets were held back in creating these books which can be found on my website.

1- The Unscoutable Playbook - 4595 Pages
2- The Defensive Playbook - 521 Pages
3 - The Ultimate Drill Book - Over 800 Practice drills broken down into 192 different specific categories.

I can 100% say there is nothing like my 3 main books anywhere out there. These are more like encyclopedias! You can find more books on my website at

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