Elite Career Networking System: How to Get a Great Coaching Job at the Next Level

by Randy Brown
Elite Career Networking System: How to Get a Great Coaching Job at the Next Level


This course is the most detailed and time tested system available to all coaches in all sports. The primary focus is to learn a system that has worked for over 100 coaches to reach positions in high school, AAU, Prep School, Junior College, College NCAA all levels, and the NBA.
The course is the culmination of over 30 years of networking successfully and at time, unsuccessfully. My mistakes are now your reward through this detailed and comprehensive course. You will become a master networker and bypass a long learning curve, frustration, obstacles, and hundreds of hours of time. Networking is defined and time-tested wisdom is a part of each chapter. This is the only system you will need, no matter what your networking goals are. From beginning to end you will learn how to turn handshakes into powerful contacts on a daily basis. This one-of-a-kind course on the essentials of networking will completely change your attitude toward meeting people, providing value, and exponentially growing your personal network. You will learn from coaches and athletic directors, all who share the real truths about what it takes to turn an initial meeting into a priceless business opportunity. The system can be implemented immediately so you can begin to quickly position yourself for the next amazing job!


Introduction -- The Power of Networking
1 The Power of Networking -- Make the Mind Shift from Boring to Lucrative
Make the Decision
2 Making the decision & your 100% commitment 3 The Only Thing Holding You Back is You! 4 Shattering the Myth of College Coaching
Define Networking and Key Terminology
5 What is your definition of networking--An excellent place to start! 6 Terminology for building your network 7 Networking's Biggest Lie -- Learn the 5 Truths and Explode your Network
Your Job Skill Checklist
8 50 Skills to Guarantee Career Success
Building Your Network Step-by-Step from Scratch
9 Introduction--How to create and begin your networking diagram 10 Step 1--Your Starting Point--Identify current network and connectors 11 Step 2--Expanding on your One degree contacts into Two degree contacts 12 Step 3 -- Add the Three Degree connections 13 The Power of Exponential Growth--the Math of Networking 14 Creating a Powerful Coaching Network 15 Video--How to Build a Network to a Million 10:12
Becoming a Master Networker
16 The 12 Cardinal Rules of Unstoppable Networking Success 17 RULE #1--Separating Yourself from Others & Developing Your Expertise 12:08 18 #1--Powerpoint Presentation pdf 19 #1--Exercise--Choosing your Expertise 20 RULE #2--Be One of Ten, Not Nine of Ten 8:48 21 #2 PowerPoint Presentation pdf 22 #2 Exercise--Be One of Ten 23 RULE #3--Handwriting-A Personal Touch that Connects 23:31 24 #3--PowerPoint Presentation pdf 25 #3 Exercise--Handwriting-A Personal Touch that Connects 26 RULE #4--How Ridiculously Creative Can You Be? 10:58 27 #4 PowerPoint Presentation pdf 28 #4 Exercise--How Ridiculously Creative Can You Be 29 RULE #5 -- How to connect with people you don't know...yet 14:09 30 #5--PowerPoint Presentation pdf 31 #5 Exercise--How to Connect with Powerful People you don't know...yet 32 RULE #6--Research--Research--Research 11:52 33 #6-PowerPoint Presentation pdf 34 #6 Exercise--Research--Research--Research 35 RULE #7--The Fortune is in the Follow Up 7:14 36 #7--PowerPoint Presentation pdf 37 #7 Exercise--The Fortune is in the Follow Up 38 RULE #8--Obstacles-Four Traps that can Ruin Your Network 13:43 39 #8--PowerPoint Presentation pdf 40 #8 Exercise--Obstacles-Four Traps that can Ruin your Network 41 RULE #9--Farming not Hunting 7:57 42 #9--PowerPoint Presentation pdf 43 #9 Exercise--Farming not Hunting 44 RULE #10--Moving from Surface to Deep, Meaningful Relationships 9:42 45 #10--PowerPoint Presentation pdf 46 #10 Exercise--Moving from Surface to Deep, Meaningful Relationships 47 RULE #11--Size vs. Depth....or Both 6:47 48 #11--PowerPoint Presentation pdf 49 #11 Exercise--Size vs. Depth....or Both 50 RULE #12--It's not Who you Know, but Who Knows You 4:01 51 #12--PowerPoint Presentation pdf 52 #12 Exercise--It's Not What You Know, but Who you Know
Using Your Network to Leverage your next big job
53 Video--An inside look at what Athletic Directors look for in the hiring process 32:36 54 What is a Babe Ruth and how do I find one? 6:28 55 Shifting from the big resume pile to the small one 56 Audio--Researching the Job, History, Connectors, and Pain Points 57 Finding Jobs Before they are Advertised 58 Video: Getting the Job--10 Ways to Leverage Your References 14:11
BONUS Resources
59 The 55-Cent Career Changer 60 Networking's Biggest Lie 61 Building Your Personal Coaching Brand 62 The Three-Part Goal Setting Process 63 The Greatest Networking Analogy Ever--Deposit vs. Withdraw 64 Success Stories from 13 Coaches Mentored by Randy Brown

The Coach


Randy Brown

Mentoring the World's Basketball Coaches


Randy Brown Bio
Randy Brown is a national author, keynote speaker, and coach.  Randy is considered a national expert on the topics of adversity, networking, leadership, and team building. In his coaching career he reached the highest level in men's college basketball at the NCAA level. His 18-year career includes Iowa State, Marquette, Arizona, and Miami of Ohio. His rise in the coaching world was matched by his dramatic plunge to the depths of depression, children deaths, prison, and a career lost forever. His book, Rebound Forward, highlights his rise in the college coaching world as well as failure, adversity, and tragedy. He is a role model for resilience in the face of life’s most devastating circumstances.
For nearly 20 years Randy Brown has worked with the country's finest coaches, including Basketball Hall of Famer, Lute Olson. His NCAA Division I experience includes five regular season championships, two post-season tournament championships, five NCAA Tournaments, back-to-back Big 12 titles, and the 2000 Elite Eight. Three of his Arizona players have captured a total of 10 NBA Championships. His stops include the University of Arizona, Marquette University, Iowa State University, University of North Dakota, Drake University and Stetson. Ten NBA players have benefitted from his coaching expertise, including Steve Kerr, current Golden State Warriors head coach, and Sean Elliott, National Player of the Year, 1988.
He created an extensive world-wide coach mentoring program, Elite Coach Mentoring. Over 100 coaches have reached their coaching goals working with Randy. The Iowa Player Development Academy, located in Central Iowa, focuses on teaching players to play the right way.
Randy’s networking tree extends deep into the basketball world. Within two degrees he can connect to virtually every college and NBA coach. He is an author, speaker, mentor, consultant, and networking expert. He is a certified Life Coach through CoachU and is an Emeritus Coach with the National Association of Basketball Coaches.
Randy’s expertise in dealing with life's adversities provides a powerful platform for his presentation, "Rebound Forward.” He delivers a one-two punch to audiences around the country through his keynote presentation in concert with his book of the same title, Rebound Forward—How to Rebound from Life’s Most Devastating Losses, and Stay in the Game.
Randy has two daughters, Claire, 25, and Jane, 20, and resides in Ames, Iowa.

Ratings and Reviews (5)

Nate Loenser

This course taught me some new nuggets but also helped me reaffirm what I believe about creating a network. When I met RB he told me my networking ability would make or break my coaching career----you know what I'd tell every coach out there, he was right and teaches it like nobody. I'm very fortunate to be coaching in the NBA now, but initially everything I learned from Randy Brown is in this course. Nate Loenser, Assistant Coach, Chicago Bulls

Aug 6, 19 09:12 AM


When I was in Coach Brown's college coach mentoring program, all he talked about was the importance of networking; not the old way, but the New "RB" Way. Now that I look back, he was spot on. This course is easy to follow along, and has exercises at the end of each important module. The exercises improved my understanding and helped me remember better. This course is applicable to any coach, teacher, or leader due to it's detail, organization, and clarity. I have recommended this to several coaches already and I just got the course. I tell anyone, if you want a to make a small jump in your career, fine. If you want to make huge career jump this course is a must. The tools I now have for meeting people and establishing deep roots with them is invaluable. I couldn't recommend it enough! Jeff Steines Varsity Assistant Coach, Ames High School, Iowa

Aug 6, 19 12:33 PM


Coach, I bought your ECNS course and really love it. I'll read a new Cardinal Rule each day and complete the assignments; it will help me retain the strategies. I think it will help me to have the PP slides so I could print them off. I already got started and think this is the best course I've seen on "real" networking! Micah Gabler Bethel University Men's Basketball Student Assistant

Aug 6, 19 02:15 PM


I was a part-time middle school coach when CoachRB and I got connected, back in 2009. Since then I have had stops as an assistant in DIII, an NAIA Head Coaching position, and am now serving as an Assistant Coach at UNCG, a mid-major DI program playing in the Southern Conference. When I heard coach had created this course, I had to see what it’s all about! Being under his wing going on 10 years, I am familiar with many of his teachings, but this course is even more comprehensive than I could have imagined. Coach RB’s 12 Cardinal Rules are networking gospel! I can assure you that if you implement them sincerely and pour yourself into this easy-to-follow blueprint coach has created, you will position yourself up for success. No doubt in my mind. Ido Singer Assistant Women's Basketball Coach, UNC-Greensboro

Aug 7, 19 02:01 AM


‬‪I’ve received Randy’s emails for several years and they have helped me so much—-I’m impressed with the new Elite Career Networking System. People “talk about” networking and how important it is but this is the first System I’ve ever seen that teaches everything I need!‬

Aug 7, 19 06:35 AM

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