2020 Track Football Consortium

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2020 Track Football Consortium


TFC 2020

Be part of the highest quality speed, strength, and power development discussions of 2020. Learn methods of optimizing high performance.

The newest thoughts in the field, game changers you can implement immediately.

All Speakers of "Rebel Talents"

"Only dead fish swim with the current."


1 Tony Holler | Feed the Cats: Converting the Infields 2 Christian Korfist | Thanks COVID! It Gave Me Time to Make a Whole Bunch of Exercises Work Way Better Than Before (and I have proof) 3 J.T. Ayers | Creating and Sustaining a Program of Excellence 4 Mike Whiteman | The Value of Max Outputs for Soccer Athletes 5 Tracking Football | How Tracking Football Bridges and Connects Track and Football 6 Justin Kinseth | Horizontal Jumps Development and its Relationship with Football/Sprints/Jumps Culture 7 Keir Wenham-Flatt | Reverse Engineering Game Speed in American Football 8 Alex Natera | Where General Meets Specific: Muscle Action Strength Development for Running 9 Joel Smith | Five Advanced Distinctions in Plyometric Training 10 Brad Dixon | Ten Things Football Coaches Get Wrong and How to Fix It 11 Dr. Micheál Cahill | A Targeted Approach to Resisted Sled Training for Speed Development: Assess, Prescribe & Coach 12 J.L. Holdsworth | Pie Programming 13 Dan Fichter | Posture and Performance Through a Neural Lens 14 Brian Kula | Total Speed Development 15 Michael Boyle | Feeding the Cats with Limited Space 16 Cal Dietz | The Daily Structure of a Workout and Why? 17 Dr. Ken Clark | Unifying Concepts in Maximum Velocity Mechanics 18 Boo Schexnayder | Designing Weight Training to Enhance Speed Acquisition
19 Chris Korfist & Tony Holler 20 Tracking Football 21 Joel Smith 22 Brad Dixon 23 J.T. Ayers 24 Cal Dietz 25 Brian Kula 26 Mike Whiteman 27 Ken Clark & Chris Meng 28 Micheál Cahill 29 Michael Boyle 30 Keir Wenham-Flatt 31 Alex Natera 32 J.L. Holdsworth 33 Boo Schexnayder 34 Dan Fichter 35 Bobby Stroupe 36 Justin Kinseth 37 Jonas Dodoo 38 Final Podcast with Chris Korfist & Tony Holler
BONUS Content
39 Jumps Roundtable Featuring Rob Assise

The Coach

2020 Track Football Consortium

Hosted by Chris Korfist & Tony Holler

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