Chris Korfist: Why the Weightroom Isn’t Working for Your Speed Development

by Track Football Consortium TFC
Chris Korfist: Why the Weightroom Isn’t Working for Your Speed Development


All movement is exercise, however not all movement contributes to you reaching your goal. The weight room is beneficial to anyone utilizing it but if you don't have a clear goal or specific route of obtaining your goal, then you're not maximizing the most out of the weight room. What is your one specific goal? 


Speed requires targeted exercises that’ll enhance your performance. Core and legs are the biggest focus points. Positioning is crucial as well as having the correct form, avoiding swinging as it can promote injury and poor foundation. Enabling torso stabilization and balance is great for any athlete's core. It's important to often change stances and grips. Use the weight room to overload what you can't in movement. 


In this course, Coach Chris Korfist discusses why athletes who spend time in the weight room don’t see improvement in their speed. He goes into depth about setting specific goals focused on your speed development. As well as the positives and negatives of the weight room and how to maximize it to your advantage. 


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The Coach

Chris Korifist has been getting of people faster for the last 25 years. Whether the athlete is a middle school or professional athlete, Chris has experience helping all age groups of athletes. His website, Slow Guy Speed Guy, offers video assessment for individuals or teams as well as online workouts. Chris Korfist is an international speed guru who works championship caliber athletes on a daily basis. Consultant for multiple NFL teams including Jaguars, Bengals, Jets, 49ers, and Eagles. 

Consultant for NCAA football programs Texas, Ohio St., and Clemson. Chris is the Co-Owner of Reflexive Performance which is a process that gets athletes nervous system ready to performance at a peak state through a sequence of manual therapy. Courses are available throughout the year. He is also the co-owner of Track Football Consortium (along with Tony Holler) which is one of the leading sprint/strength clinics in the nation.

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