Course 4: Game Planning Using Balanced & Unbalanced Formations

by Roger Holmes
Course 4: Game Planning Using Balanced & Unbalanced Formations


The Problem with the Wing-T is having to many plays

Does Your Offense Have to Many Plays?

Create a manageable game plan for the Wing-T Offense to answer all critical game situations.

Roger Holmes has ran the Wing-T Offense for 29 years, winning 230 games and 2 state titles.

He goes into great detail which plays he calls vs certain fronts....explaining how he manipulates the fronts with formations.

There are only 5 ways a defense can adjust to unbalanced and Holmes lists what plays he calls vs each of the 5 adjustments.

No phase of the game is left out in this Wing-T Video. Other areas of focus include:

  • Halftime adjustments - Get an excellent reference to understand how to evaluate your game plan and what adjustments need to be made during halftime
  • Make game time and half time adjustments a strength for you and your team

  • Learn how to study the defense and effectively attack various fronts and coverages

  • Develop a balance between run and pass to effectively move the football

Begin your march to a championship during the off-season using the concepts and ideas provided by Roger Holmes.

Create a winning game plan before you even step onto the field, so you can call plays with confidence!


73 minutes. 2020.


The Coach


Roger Holmes

NATIONAL Wing-T Expert


Coach Holmes has been a Head Football Coach for 29 years–the past 18 years at Dublin High School, Georgia.  He has won 157 games  with 8 Region Championships and 1 State Championship game with the Fighting Irish.   Before coming to Georgia, Coach Holmes  had won 73 games in eleven years at Beech High School, Tennessee.

His overall football record as head coach is 231-108-1.  

  • STATE COACH OF THE YEAR in bothTennessee (1995) and Georgia (2002 & 2006)
  • Georgia Athletic Coaches Association COACH-OF-THE-YEAR in 2002, 2005, & 2006.
  • Georgia Record for most points scored in a regular season in 2005 (549)
  • Georgia Record for points scored in a full season in 2006 (682).

Coach Holmes has been a National Wing-T Speaker of the Glazier Clinics, speaking at over 20 clinics.

Ratings and Reviews (6)

Coach Ledger

I had always heard game planning based on down & distance. Well Coach Holmes completely changed my thinking. it is amazing how he has answers to every defense. Every offensive coordinator needs to watch this video...not just wingt

Feb 29, 20 07:26 PM

This course is excellent and covers many of the lesser known subtleties of calling wing t plays. I would highly recommend this for experienced wing t coaches or those learning the system.

Feb 29, 20 10:42 PM


Excellent course. Holmes is the Jedi of unbalanced.

Mar 2, 20 01:54 PM

Michael Westmoreland

The importance of having a plan and sticking with the plan Coach Holmes goes into great details about wing-t planning. The info on halftime planning is a must see for all coaches!

Mar 4, 20 07:05 PM

Bobby Sharp

Wow! Answers if you need them. Thought Coach Holmes did a great job of giving coaches insight on how to plan for a game and have answer. Gives a coach an in-depth look at preparing and adjusting during games. Thanks Coach

Apr 11, 20 02:10 PM


Very informative video

Jul 8, 20 12:06 PM

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