Creating Explosives with the Tunnel Screen

by Spread-N-Shred
Creating Explosives with the Tunnel Screen


The Tunnel Screen can be one of the most Explosive plays in all of football, but only when ran correctly. The Screen itself allows for the Offense to get the ball in the hands of a play-maker out in space, while getting Offensive Lineman out on the perimeter to block. The Game of football is about spreading the ball and attacking space both Vertically & Horizontally. The Tunnel Screen attacks the Perimeters with an all out assault. While stretching the field horizontally is a key aspect of the Tunnel, it also allows you to take advantage of an aggressive pass rush. If a team is pinning their ears back and attacking your protection then make them pay with a timely Tunnel Screen. Inside this course you will find all the secrets to perfect the Tunnel including the multiple types of Tunnel (Single, Multiple, to #2, Off Play-Action, and much more). Learn how you can coach your Offensive Line to Understand proper angles and leverage to spring the Tunnel Loose for a highly explosive play.

This Course Features:

  • Several different ways to run the Tunnel Screen
  • How to Teach it, in order to make it simple for your players
  • Blocking Rules & Assignments
  • In-Depth details on how to teach proper angles and leverage points
  • Keys for the Tunnel Player to make explosive moves in space
  • Crucial Drills in order to refine the concepts
  • Playbook Sheets to give you the full picture
  • All-22 for you to watch and analyze
  • Detailed Film Breakdowns to go over real life situations and how to properly run the concept in game time


Introduction to Screens
1 What's inside this Course? 2:49 2 Why Should You Run Screens? 2:09 3 Universal Keys to the Screen Game 3:52
Tunnel Screen
4 Intro to the Tunnel Screen 1:50 5 Using Play-Action for the Tunnel Screen 2:06
The 3x1 Tunnel Screen
6 Rules for the Tunnel Screen out of 3x1 3:23 7 Film Breakdown of 3x1 Tunnel Screen 10:25 8 Playbook Sheet: Tunnel Screen out of 3x1 9 ALL-22: 3x1 Tunnel Screen 1:54
Tunnel out of a 2x2
10 Rules for the Tunnel Screen out of 2x2 2:08 11 Film Breakdown of 2x2 Tunnel Screen 5:14 12 Playbook Sheet: Tunnel Screen out of 2x2 13 ALL-22: 2x2 Tunnel Screen 1:01 14 Film Breakdown of 2x2 Tunnel Screen to #2 3:39 15 Playbook Sheet: Tunnel Screen out of 2x2 to #2 16 ALL-22: 2x2 Tunnel Screen to #2 0:29
The Single Side Tunnel
17 Rules for the Tunnel Screen to a Single Side Receiver 2:16 18 Film Breakdown of Tunnel to Single Side Receiver 8:02 19 Playbook Sheet: Tunnel Screen out of 3x1 to the Single Side 20 ALL-22: 3x1 Tunnel Screen to Single Side Receiver 1:31
Using Motion & Formation to get the most out of the Tunnel Screen
21 Orbit Motion to False Swing 1:48 22 False Swing to Tunnel Film Breakdown 4:24 23 Playbook Sheet: Tunnel Screen Off Orbit Motion 24 ALL-22: Tunnel Screen Off of False Swing 0:30
Drills to Execute the Tunnel Screen
25 The QB Tunnel Drill 1:38 26 Lay-Out of the QB Tunnel Drill 27 QB Tunnel Drill Example 1:15 28 The Screen Timing Drill 2:49 29 Lay-Out for Screen Timing Drill #1 30 Screen Timing Drill to a Single Side Receiver 4:05 31 Lay-Out for Screen Timing Drill #2 32 Screen Timing Drill to a Multiple Receiver Tunnel 2:48

The Coach

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Ratings and Reviews (2)

Ken Richards

Absolutely Amazing Course! Loved the detailed, loved the amount of variations provided. Answered every question I ever had about the Tunnel Screen.

Jan 5, 21 01:22 PM

John Lewis

Best course I have seen on the Tunnel Screen. Everything is covered in detail. Been running the Tunnel for a few years but still found some new tips and ways to cue certain points.

May 20, 21 07:17 AM

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