Hands in Pass Protection

by Spread-N-Shred
Hands in Pass Protection


Hands in Pass Pro

Do you want to be on the cutting edge of offensive line play? Have you wondered how to get the most out of your OL to keep your QB standing tall in the pocket? Learn more than just Drills & Techniques, learn the teaching methodology to a true system of hand-to-hand combat. The trenches are a difficult place to play, this course is designed to give you & your players the tools and resources to be successful in Passing Situations. This Course depicts how I have taught the Hands in terms of Pass Protection. Using MMA & Boxing Terminology, Spread-N-Shred has created an extremely easy to learn system with key cues & trigger words for my athletes. We believe in putting tools in our athlete's tool belts by teaching them useful techniques as well as why, when, and how they would use those techniques. This is an entire systematic approach to developing your athletes and includes:

-How to Teach Specific Techniques to get the most out of your players and to hone their movements

-Why these Techniques should be used and when these specific techniques would be used

-Drills to Develop your players hands to get them game ready

-NFL & College Offensive Linemen displaying these techniques both in Drills & in Game Situations

This course involves both basic & advanced techniques that can be used from High School, to the NFL level. It is designed in a way to build upon itself and can be watched by both the coach and the players. Giving you specific in game situations and times that these techniques are being used.

If you want to take your Pass Protection to the next level & want to equip your players with the best techniques this is a great course for you! Don’t miss out and make sure you are on the cutting edge of offensive line play!


The Coach

Coach Endsley is currently an Assistant Offensive Line Coach at University of South Dakota and has experience as a Collegiate Offensive Coordinator along with being a Head Coach at the High School level. As Offensive Coordinator at Dakota Wesleyan University, he coordinated an offense that ranked in the top-20 in total passing yards and shattered the school single game record for total offense (822 yards), passing yards (510) and first downs (45) while utilizing an Air Raid base Passing Attack & RPO Heavy Run Game.

Endsley has coached two AFCA All-American Offensive Linemen along with six All-Conference Offensive Linemen in both the Frontier Conference and the GPAC Conference. Along with mentoring several great Offensive Linemen, Endsley was the Run Game Coordinator for a Top 25 Rushing Attack utilizing Spread Concepts. Endsley has a strong foundation in Offensive Line play as a Skill-Acquisition Coach for several NFL/CFL players as they prepared for the Combine, Pro-Days, and Training Camps. 

In his first season, the Dakota Wesleyan offense featured six All-Conference players including three different Wide Receivers. Before Dakota Wesleyan, Endsley also coached at Eastern Oregon University as an Offensive Line Coach. At the High School Level, he coached several All-State players while breaking school records for Total Yards, Passing Yards & Points Per Game. 

Coach Endsley Coaching Experience:

-Assistant Coach, University of South Dakota: 2020-Present

-Offensive Coordinator, Dakota Wesleyan University: 2018-2020

-Offensive Line Coach, Eastern Oregon University: 2017-2018

-Head Football Coach, Lake Roosevelt High School: 2015–2017

-NFL Combine Preparation Coach, APX Strength: 2015– 2017

-Offensive Line Academy, Complete Athlete: 2015–2017

Accomplishments & Accolades:

-NAIA National Top 20 Passing Yards Per Game 2018 |Offensive Coordinator- Dakota Wesleyan University|

-NAIA National Top 25 Rushing Yards Per Game 2017 |Run Game Coordinator-Eastern Oregon University|

-DWU Single Game Record for Total Offensive Yards: 822 Yards |Offensive Coordinator- Dakota Wesleyan University|

-DWU Single Game Record for Passing Yards: 510 Yards|Offensive Coordinator- Dakota Wesleyan University|

-DWU Single Game Record for First Downs: 45 |Offensive Coordinator- Dakota Wesleyan University|

-Coached AFCA All-American Offensive Line x 2

-Coached GPAC All-Conference Players x 8

Ratings and Reviews (11)


Great job of going thru several different techniques that can be applied in pass protection. Does a great job of explaining why each technique is useful.

Mar 10, 20 03:53 PM


This is a very in-depth look at the offensive line world. Looking at the fundamentals of O-Line play and making it mold into a common language. A language of action! Instead of saying "replacing hands", Coach Endsley is using language like "Throw your Jab-Cross" or "Working your violent Straight". His mentality of the "Controlled Aggression" approach to the play of Offensive Linemen has a real impact on his players, as he shows with drill tape and real, in-game clips. Fantastic job Coach! This is an ABSOLUTE MUST WATCH for ALL Football Coaches, not just Oline! Thank you for Sharing your knowledge Coach!

Mar 12, 20 10:10 AM


Amazing Course! Love how he connected MMA to Pass Protection and gave everything a name. Not just a handful of drills but actually how to apply the techniques to in game. Used in game examples as well to give credibility to the content!

Mar 18, 20 06:11 PM


Great course!! Used language that I can teach with. Drill work that I can use. This will really help my O-Line. I got better as a coach from watching this course.

Mar 30, 20 02:53 PM

The Spread Offense

If there is one coach that you should learn more OL Technique from, then it's coach Endsley. I've attended his clinics before and he always does a great job of explaining the different technique and fundamentals of OL play. This course is no different. If you're a coach that wants to get better at coaching the fundamentals of pass protection, then you need this course. As always, great job coach Endsley!

Apr 13, 20 03:43 PM

Michael Schwahn

This was an amazing course and totally worth every penny!

Apr 21, 20 08:24 PM


Great content and easy to learn information. Covers topics in a way that you can use the basics or develop more advanced techniques. The use of film and drills help illustrate his information that much more.

Apr 23, 20 07:47 PM

Benedikt Rosin

Most underrated skill! I love this class and really got a new look into it! a must have for any oline coach

May 27, 20 02:33 AM

Chris Collodel

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. Coach Endsley does a fantastic job breaking down the hand combat that goes into being an effective pass blocker. Coach provides written explanations that are clear and precise and avoid jargon that can encumber athlete. He provides drills to work the various strikes backed up with game film to prove that these techniques have a time and a place when taking on a pass rusher. I would recommend this to any coach looking for new coaching cues or just general knowledge of striking- although I would say some of these strikes are very advanced and would not have a practical use at certain levels. Overall a was a fun experience to pick up some new tolls for the toolbox.

May 29, 20 01:55 PM

Jeremy Elliott

Fantastic and easy to follow. Great drills for both striking and grappling to help the O Line athlete improve!

Jun 1, 20 05:22 AM

Jonathan Harris

Best offensive line man teaching I’ve seen in a while

Jun 10, 20 04:27 PM

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