Dominate With Flood

by Spread-N-Shred
Dominate With Flood


The Flood concept attacks defenses on Three Vertical levels leaving them exposed and in constant conflict. On top of that it is one of the most versatile passing games you can utilize. Whether that is with creating ways to move the Launch Point for the QB or finding different variations to attack the same places while creating conflict on each defender. All of this while remaining one of the most simple concepts in all of football. We discuss every little aspect of the Flood Concept inside this course. We talk about running it as a Bootleg Variation or as standard Flood. Adding in tags and variations to make it a deadly passing concept for any style of offense.


Introduction & Basics of Flood
1 Why run Flood? 2:40 2 Installing the Base of Flood 3:15 3 Creating a Three Level Assault 1:27 4 Change The Launch Point w/ QB Movement 3:20 5 Different Variations to Move the QB 4:04 6 The Keys to Executing the Flood Concepts 3:00
True Flood
7 3-Man Variation of Flood 6:56 8 Playbook: Base Flood 9 Film Breakdown/Walk Thru of 3-Man Flood 3:39 10 Film Breakdown of QB Progression 7:46 11 Flood w/ a Flip Tag 5:09 12 Playbook: Flood w/ Switch Tag 13 Backside Options for Flood 3:45 14 Flood w/ a Swap Tag 7:02 15 Playbook: Flood w/ Swap Tag
2-Man Variation of Flood
16 2-Man Flood Variation 3:18 17 Attaching Drive to Flood 3:38 18 Film Walk Thru of Drive on the Backside 4:56 19 Attaching Your Y-Cross to the BS of Flood 3:46 20 Playbook: Flood w/ Comeback Tag 21 Film Talk of Y-Cross combined w/ 2-Man Flood (Sail) 5:43 22 Playbook: Flood w/ BS Drive 23 What is Boot Flood / Wk Flood? 3:35
Weak Flood / Boot Flood
24 Playbook: Base PAP Flood 25 Wk Flood / Boot Flood 3:35 26 QB Base Progression 5:21 27 Running Wk Flood out of Open Formations 2:21 28 Working Slam Releases 5:54 29 Playbook: PAP Flood Slam 30 Playbook: Flood w/ BS Y-Cross 31 Flat From Across 5:56 32 Playbook: PAP Flood Bluff 33 Comeback Tag 6:34 34 Max Protect Wk Flood 1:44 35 Playbook: PAP Flood Max Protect 36 Playbook: PAP Flood Motion to Max Protect 37 Using the RB as the Flat Element 6:46 38 Playbook: PAP RB Flat off Jet Motion
Getting the Most out of Flood
39 Using Flood in the Redzone 9:15 40 Creating Unique Variations of the Flood 7:19 41 Playbook: Flood w/ Comeback n' Go Tag 42 Using Motion in your Flood Game 5:40 43 Conclusion of the Flood 2:00
Flood Playbook
44 Downloadable Full Flood Playbook 45 Full Flood Playbook
Defensive Terminology
46 Defensive Terminology Breakdown 5:29 47 Defensive Terminology Sheet

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Ratings and Reviews (8)


Great detail that gave all the information on multiple topics within the scheme. Well worth it.

Dec 6, 22 07:42 AM

Freemont Head Coach

Great course, I have long thought that there was a ton you could do with the Flood concept and now I found out there is even more ways to use the same basic idea

Dec 21, 22 04:19 PM

Rodney Harris

Got this course hoping to learn a new passing concept. I haven't ran Flood in the past and this course really helped me understand the concept and how to run it.

Dec 30, 22 06:56 AM

Dennis Smith

Awesome Course! Covers everything with multiple examples of how to run the Flood.

Jan 14, 23 11:49 AM


Excellent teaching progression. Multiple variations of Flood chalked up and illustrated with College and NFL All-22. Good plans to change the presentation but keep the QB's progression the same as well as decreasing defensive pattern recognition.

Jan 18, 23 06:46 AM


Great course, very detailed

Jan 26, 23 11:21 AM

Jonathan Harris

Great concept to use a a base drop back and also tide it into other things you do

Jan 31, 23 07:05 PM

Tobias Franke

very detailed course

Feb 16, 23 02:19 AM

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