John Cronin: The Future of Fast is Light

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John Cronin: The Future of Fast is Light


What is wearable resistance training? Strength training that utilizes wearable resistance involves affixing a load to your body. By moving small masses at high speeds, it takes advantage of the concept of micro loading. Some examples of resistance training come in form of free weights, medicine balls, weight machines, resistance bands, or simply your body weight. 


Traditional strength training consists of large masses with very little movement involved which promotes strength and force. Whereas, wearable resistance consists of small amounts of weight on your body while greater movement speeds and accelerations. Which ultimately results in force and acceleration…SPEED. 


In this course, Auckland University Sports & Exercise Professor in New Zealand, John Cronin, uses his research to share his expertise in human movement with us by breaking down why wearable resistance works and the mechanics behind it. John explains the many variables that benefit from using wearable resistance and more.


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The Coach

John Cronin is Professor in Strength and Conditioning at AUT University, New Zealand; Head of Research for Lila Movement Technology, Malaysia; and founder of an online education platform for strength and conditioning coaches and physiotherapists. John spends most of his time answering applied sports performance questions with his Ph.D. and Master's students, mainly around strength, power, speed, and change of direction.

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