Kick, Punt, and Train Like a Pro
by John Carney

John Carney's video coaching program brings over four decades of sports and coaching experience in a unique video presentation. Our training and coaching program has proven to be of high performance, documented results, and overall success for our clients, sponsors and supporters. Carney Coaching & Training is as much a philosophy of sportsmanship, getting results on and off the field and reaching goals... as it is to the conditioning of the body to reach the highest level of the sport. The series embodies my personal philosophy and exclusive training techniques.

"If your ultimate goal is to be better, or the best you can possibly be, I would strongly recommend you going to see John Carney to help you accomplish your goals." - Coach Al Everest, 16 yr NFL Special Teams Coordinator

1 Welcome to Carney Training Facility 01:05
Chapter 1: Punting
2 Punting Catch & Steps 02:15
3 The Drop 02:53
4 Hand Placement 02:51
5 Follow Thru 00:46
Chapter 2: Punting: Warm Up
6 Carney's Dynamic Warm Up 01:44
7 Static Stretch 02:04
8 The Punter's Workout 02:52
Chapter 3: Punting: Analysis & Technique
9 Inside the 20 Punts 01:55
10 Punting Corrections 01:21
11 Three Pro Punters 01:42
Chapter 4: Training
12 Introduction 03:16
13 Carney's Dynamic Warm Up 01:44
14 Leg Training 05:54
15 Upper Body Push 04:40
16 Upper Body Pull 05:13
17 Explosive Legs 01:55
18 Additional Exercises 03:58
19 Beach Training 03:15
Chapter 5: Kicking
20 Intro to Carney Kicking 01:17
21 Getting Started: Equipment 02:03
22 Kicking Tees 01:15
Chapter 6: Kicker's Warm Up
23 Carney's Dynamic Warm Up 01:44
24 Static Stretch 02:04
Chapter 7: Beginning Kicker
25 Getting Started Kicking 02:44
26 CSP: Consistent Starting Point 00:32
27 Step Off 01:58
28 90 Degree Step Off 00:50
Chapter 8: Experienced Kicker
29 Experienced Kickers 01:28
30 Full-Field Goals 01:27
31 Full Field Goal Demonstration 00:58
32 Plant Foot 02:18
33 Follow Thru 01:27
34 Holding Instruction 01:27
35 Snap - Hold - Kick 00:26
36 Long Field Goals 00:19
Chapter 9: Kicking Drills
37 Kicking Drills 01:05
38 Pole Drill 00:55
39 Side Line Accuracy Drill 00:26
40 Field Goal Corrections 01:20
41 Three Pro Kickers 05:29

JohnCarney John Carney NFL Champion & Kicking Coach for Professional, College & Aspiring Football Kickers

John Carney has had a legendary NFL kicking career. He now brings 23 years of NFL experience to a new generation of kicking specialists.

John's unique style of coaching separates him from traditional coaching. His reputation for being physically fit and conditioned have been well documented. The scope of John's program covers: coaching, evaluating, teaching and mentoring. Addtionally -- and of great value -- he kicks with his players, competes with them, motivates them, and oversees their strength and conditioning programs.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, John covers game preparation, pre-game routine, and game focus. These aspects of a specialist's program can make or break a game, a season, a career.

John brings knowledge and experience that only a few possess in the football industry. Firsthand knowledge is the reason he brings value and credibility to his coaching.

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Ty Weiss
Ty Weiss

I am a Free Agent kicker looking to polish up my game. Coach Carney covers all the needs of kicking, whether you are a beginner to someone like myself trying to get an edge. The video is entertaining with mass amounts of information on all parts of the game. Carney is a professional with all the right tools to get you to where you need to be in your kicking. I've tried a few other kicking videos and this one is by far more detailed and the coverage of all areas of the game is unachievable elsewhere. No other coaching videos cover the gym training like Carney does either, which is where a lot of my success has come from. Thanks for sharing John!
May 5, 2015 04:22:45 PM