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John Carney

NFL Champion & Kicking Coach for Professional, College & Aspiring Football Kickers


John Carney has had a legendary NFL kicking career. He now brings 23 years of NFL experience to a new generation of kicking specialists.

John's unique style of coaching separates him from traditional coaching. His reputation for being physically fit and conditioned have been well documented. The scope of John's program covers: coaching, evaluating, teaching and mentoring. Addtionally -- and of great value -- he kicks with his players, competes with them, motivates them, and oversees their strength and conditioning programs.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, John covers game preparation, pre-game routine, and game focus. These aspects of a specialist's program can make or break a game, a season, a career.

John brings knowledge and experience that only a few possess in the football industry. Firsthand knowledge is the reason he brings value and credibility to his coaching.