Teach Tackling & Eliminate Concussions

by Bobby Hosea
Teach Tackling & Eliminate Concussions


In 1997, Bobby Hosea the father, was no different from any other parent. While coaching his 12 year old son’s first tackle football team, he was worried his son and his teammates might suffer a serious head injury tackling incorrectly.

So Coach Bobby Hosea invented the “Dip-N-Rip-Sticks” WORDS TO PLAY BY 12-Step Tackle Progression (“Hosea-Method”) to teach his young football players how to keep their head out of the tackle and avoid brain, neck or spinal cord injury.

In 2006, Coach Bobby Hosea founded Train ‘Em Up Academy, Inc. (TEUA), a 501 (C) 3 Not-for-Profit Corporation to help attract the financial support needed to spread his tackling safety and performance curriculum throughout the country. In June of 2011, a scientific research study proved that the “Hosea-Method” lowers helmet first impact by 43% (100% of the CROWN) while performing a FORM tackle.

Coach Bobby Hosea’s unique system teaches players and coaches, how to readily identify and avoid the physical mechanisms, tackling techniques, terminology and drills that lead to CROWN first impact while a defender is in the act of tackling a ball carrier.

Statistically, 85% of all football related concussions happen in practice, while 80% of football related concussions to youth under the age of 14, go unreported.

The game of football inspires passion, confidence, physical fitness and discipline in our children, these are all qualities that are extremely valuable in their development but, improper training puts them all at risk of avoidable injury, and the price paid by our children and parents is much too high.

Coach Bobby Hosea's "evidence-based" Helmet-Free-Tackle Safety & Performance Training Course, will establish a personal "Standard of Care" for coaches, players and parents that enlightens and empowers them  to readily identify, eliminate and replace, the physical mechanisms, tackling terminology, drills and techniques that lead directly to crown first impact and helmet exposure to contact, causing concussions, neck and spinal cord injuries while defenders are in the act of making a tackle.  

This course is made up of a compilation of timeless teachable moments captured on video at many of his tackle training camps and coaches clinics over the past 15 years, demonstrating how to use the Hosea-Method to teach Youth, High School, College and Women tackle football players how to tackle safe and effectively, never using their head to initiate contact to tackle a ball carrier.    

With concussions being up 58% in the  NFL in 2015, and over 20 High School football player fatalities due to traumatic brain injuries since 2013, clearly indicates a National Standard of Care is needed for teaching tacking on all levels of football competition.  

On the field of play since 1997, the Hosea-Method has proven it is the solution for ending this man made health epidemic negatively affecting lives. 


The Coach


Bobby Hosea

The Hosea-Method Eliminates Concussions


In 2011, USA Footballs adds Coach Bobby Hosea to their Health and Wellness Committee naming him their "Tackling Expert" after he was the chief creator of the original Heads Up Tackle in 2009.
In 2012, Sports Network named Coach Bobby Hosea (#2) as one of the 50 most influential people in the Sports Business.
In 2011, LA84 Foundation commissioned Football Tackle Head Impact Analysis, showing a 100% elimination or the helmet's crown from the tackle, making the Hosea-Method the only "evidence-based" concussion preventive tackling technique in the world.   

Coach Bobby Hosea is the perfect person to teach this course because he's been advancing the science of tackling safety and performance since 1997 on every level football competition,  He is internationally known as the father of the safe tackle movement around the world, and he is clearly the gold standard of preventing helmet related injuries in the sport of American football.  He will forever be in first position of tackling safety due to the Hosea-Method's revolutionary holistic approach.

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