The Neurology of Posture & Performance - Dan Fichter

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The Neurology of Posture & Performance - Dan Fichter


Have you ever wondered about the science behind how your brain works and stimulates all of your movement? Then you are in the right place! In this course, Coach Dan Fichter goes in-depth about how neurology affects performance and teaches you the science behind breaking down different activities to increase growth in strength and speed!


Getting Started
1 Introduction 2:26 2 Knowledge from TFC 2:21 3 COVID has Taken Things and Also Given Some 0:54 4 Learning from an Experiment 0:16 5 The Neurology of Posture 1:39
Training Systems
6 Where Is Training Going 1:46 7 Magic and Science and Asking WHY 1:38 8 Main Training Systems 2:01 9 So Much Information 0:53 10 Training and Voluntary Muscle Contraction 1:26 11 Help Athletes Display their Qualities 0:45 12 We Cannot Neglect Systems 0:35
Neurology in Sports
13 Explaining Neurology 3:18 14 Training the Brain 0:44 15 Get The Muscles on Your Side 0:52 16 Sets and Reps 1:30 17 Knowledge About Neurology and Sport Performance 1:34 18 Layman's Terms 1:18 19 What is Different About Humans 1:26 20 Main Topics 1:05 21 Neuro and Posture 1:56 22 The Brain and How We Move 1:27 23 Frontal Lobe 0:46 24 Cortex 0:36
25 Game Changer, 10% & 90% 1:57 26 Cerebellum - How We Create Movement 1:10 27 The PMRF 2:27 28 Injuries 0:51 29 Reflexes 0:23 30 Track and Field or Running Sports 1:54 31 Startle Reflex 0:43 32 Pyramid of Learning 1:46 33 Inputs and Outputs of the Central Nervous System 0:21
Posture Training
34 Movement Literacy 0:15 35 Tactile 1:23 36 The Role of the Nervous System in Movement 0:54 37 Eyes and Posture 1:53 38 Stimulation of Foot 1:49 39 Primitive Reflexes 0:40 40 Fixing Problems 0:27 41 What are We Looking At 0:40 42 Coaching Cues 0:19 43 Safe and Unsafe 0:33 44 Square 1 and Signal 6 0:50 45 Closing Thought 0:24
46 Discussion with Dan Fichter

The Coach

Dan Fichter owns and operates WannaGetFast Power/Speed Training, a sports performance training business in Rochester, NY and Tampa, FL that offers training to elite athletes. Fichter's clients have included pro hockey players Chris Thorburn (Winnipeg Jets), Stanley Cup champion Brian Gionta (Buffalo Sabres), Ryan Callahan (Tampa Bay Lightning, US Olympic Team), Shane Prince (Binghamton Senators), Olympic track and field star Victoriya Rybalko from the Ukraine, NY Yankee shortstop Cito Culver, UFC fighter Mike Massenzio, Oakland A’s 2nd baseman Andy Parrino, Washington Nationals Infielder Chris Bostick along with Washington Nationals pitcher Brian Dupra. As a high school coach Dan’s resume is quite impressive. Head Track and Field Coach Irondequoit High School- lost one dual meet (head to head) and won 6 Section V Championships in 8 years as being a head coach. Multiple coach of the year awards. As Irondequoit’s Head Football Coach he took a winless team in 2012 and rebuilt them to a state semi-finalist and Section V championship in two years of being named the head coach. Dan was named Buffalo Bills/National Guard Coach of the Year in 2014. Dan speaks every year around the country on how to incorporate neurological based strength and conditioning for quicker and longer lasting results.

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