Utilizing Your Runningback in the Screen Game

by Spread-N-Shred
Utilizing Your Runningback in the Screen Game


The benefits of using the Runningback Screen game cannot be understated. A well executed RB Screen can change an entire game. Whether you are going against an aggressive defensive coordinator that is dialing up pressures or going against a Defensive Line that pins their ears back to get after your Offensive Line, nothing will make them regret their aggressive nature more than a well timed screen to the RB. Get one of your best playmakers the ball in space with lead blockers in front of him and great things will happen.

Through this course you will get detailed breakdowns of three of the top ways to utilize your runningback in the screen game. Along with that we will set you up with a solid foundation of how to execute screens. When and where to call the screen to get the most out of it. All of the keys to master the execution from an Offensive Line, RB, and QB perspective. Different variations of the screens to keep the defense guessing. This is an expansive course that gives you all the tools and walks you through the install process. Finally we provide detailed film breakdown and All-22 to let you see how it all works in a live situation. 

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Foundations of the Screen
1 Introduction to Runningback Screen Game 0:38 2 What's Inside the Course 2:39 3 The Benefits of Running Screens 2:47 4 Keys to an Effective Screen Game 4:33
The Swing Screen
5 The Base Swing Screen 2:55 6 Base Swing (Film Breakdown) 3:18 7 Creating a Quads Dynamic with the Swing Screen 2:26 8 Film Breakdown of the Swing (Quads Dynamic) 3:48 9 All-22 of Base Swings 0:20 10 Using Motion w/ the Swing Screen (A Film Breakdown) 5:07 11 All-22: Using Motions to Gain Numbers & Leverage 1:35 12 How to Use the Swing as an RPO 1:42 13 All-22: How to Create a Quads Dynamic with Swing 1:14 14 Multiple Examples of a Swing Screen as an RPO (Film Breakdown) 6:19 15 All-22: How to use the Screen as an RPO 1:22
The Dual Screen
16 The Dual Screen 2:06 17 Receiver Rules for the Dual Screen 1:53 18 Playside Tackle on Dual Screen 2:15 19 Offensive Line for the Tunnel Portion 4:18 20 Film Breakdown of the Dual Screen 9:51 21 All-22: Base Dual Screen 0:33 22 Crack Tag for the Dual Screen 2:28 23 Film Breakdown of the Crack Call for Dual Screen 6:56 24 All-22: Using Crack Calls w/ the Dual Screen 0:48 25 Using Burst Motion w/ the Dual Screen 1:16 26 All-22: Using Burst Motion to Create Leverage for the Dual Screen 0:31 27 Changing the Read to the Mike Linebacker 1:24 28 Film Breakdown of the Dual Screen w/ Mike Linebacker Read 5:26 29 All-22: Dual Screen Reading the LB 0:47
The Quick Screen
30 The Runningback Quick Screen 1:57 31 Role of the Playside Receivers 2:39 32 Role of the Playside Offensive Line 2:31 33 Role of the Runningback 1:33 34 Role of the Quarterback 1:53 35 Film Breakdown of the RB Quick Screen 4:59 36 All-22: The Base RB Quick Screen 0:20 37 Running the RB Quick Screen to a Single Side Receiver 1:29 38 Film Breakdown of the Quick Screen to a Single Side Receiver 6:07 39 All-22: Quick RB Screen to a Single Side Receiver 1:05 40 Film of the No Crack Call 3:25 41 All-22: RB Quick Screen w/ No Crack 0:29 42 Using Motion to Set Up the Quick Screen 3:58
Dominate With Screen Drills
43 The New Age Oklahoma Drill 1:50 44 The Benefits of Screen Timing Drills 2:25 45 Working the Tunnel Portion of the Dual Screen 3:35 46 Developing the Swing 2:06 47 Keying the Cracks in the Quick Screen 3:18

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Ratings and Reviews (5)

Kyle Roberts

Amazing Course! Shows every aspect of running each of these RB Screens. For sure going to incorporate a lot of this into the Fall! Well worth it!

Apr 5, 21 05:34 PM


Great Information, High level of details. Great use of film to provide examples.

Apr 5, 21 07:37 PM

Dylan Mack

Really well done and informative! Something for every offense!

Apr 12, 21 10:58 AM

Adam Hilton

Awesome course if you want to get better at screens!

Apr 15, 21 07:51 AM

Brad Wilson

Tremendous course ! I will implement a couple of the RB screens for this upcoming Fall. Great course if you are a spread team with an athletic RB. Get the ball to one of your better athletes quickly in space - it’s exciting !

Apr 15, 21 07:34 AM

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