Designing & Implementing A School-Wide Athletic Development Program

by Adam Szabo
Designing & Implementing A School-Wide Athletic Development Program


Even if you are a personal trainer, have trained one particular team, or own your own gym, organizing a school-wide training program has very unique challenges.  This course is a detailed description of how to design and implement workouts and how to navigate scheduling and logistical concerns.

For the last 13 years, Exclerate Athletic Development has been training individual athletes, high school programs, entire athletic departments, and club programs, while also offering consulting services for schools and programs that are looking to develop their own school-wide program.  During that time, we have won 6 Ohio State Championships, in 5 sports, at 4 different schools.  One of our greatest accomplishments has been winning an individual or state championship, at every school, within the first four years and within the first cycle of athletes.  Along with winning 6 Ohio State Championships, we have also been the State Runner-Up 6 times in 6 different sports and to the Final Four 4 times in 3 different sports. 

On top of this, our athletic development program has been used by Midland Baseball in Cincinnati, Ohio.  During this time, we have won 5 AABC National Championships and finished Runner-Up once.

In this course, the following information will be covered:

  • Creating and measuring goals
  • Staffing a school-wide program
  • Being creative with available school spaces
  • How to train large groups simultaneously
  • Developing training workouts and schedules
  • Differentiating training for a variety of sports and athletes
  • Implementing a school-wide testing program
  • How to design different portions and phases of workouts


1 Keys To Going From A Good To Great Strength And Conditioning Program
Foundational Principles Of A School-Wide Program
2 Creating Goals & Measuring Success 1:22 3 Staffing A School-Wide Training Program 4:24 4 Accounting Of Training Stipends And Hours 5 Using Multiple Spaces To Execute Workouts 1:29 6 Training Large Groups Simultaneously 6:19
Off-Season Workouts & Scheduling
7 Training Calendars That Accommodate Athlete's Busy Schedules 2:23 8 Developing A Summer Training Schedule 1:50 9 Example Summer Workout Schedule 10 Example Summer Workout Layout 11 Example Fall Workout Schedule 12 Example Winter Workout Schedule 13 Example Spring Workout Schedule 14 Example Spring Workout Layout 15 Scheduling Extended Breaks 3:06 16 Designing Change-Up Weeks 17 Sport-Specific Workouts 3:52 18 Integrating Sport-Specific Drills Into Off-Season Drills
Training A Variety Of Ages & Abilities
19 Solving The Problem Of A Continuous Flow Of New Athletes 2:29 20 Coaching And Assessing Athleticism Part 1 21 Coaching And Assessing Athleticism Part 2 22 Workouts For Athletes That Are Intimidated By The Weight Room 2:58 23 Programming For Club Athletes 3:17 24 Creating Workouts And Schedules For Athletes Who Want To Do Extra 3:13 25 Preparing Incoming 9th Graders 2:15
In-Season Workouts & Scheduling
26 Organizing In-Season Workouts 5:45 27 In-Season Tapering 6:09 28 Preparing An In-Season Conditioning Plan 29 Example In-Season Football Training Calendar 30 Example Basketball In-Season Training Calendar 31 Programming Day-Before-Game Workouts 2:08 32 Game-Day Logistics To Prepare For Victory 33 Programming Day-After-Game Workouts 3:25 34 Day-After-Game Workouts
Communicating With Parents, Coaches, & Athletes
35 Parent And Athlete Communication 1:57 36 Seasonal Parent All-Sports Preseason Meeting Script 37 Strength And Conditioning Parent Information
Injury Reduction & Return-To-Play
38 Injury Reduction 5:21 39 Training Athletes With High Injury Rates 2:21 40 Programming For Injured Athletes 2:10 41 Organizing A Flexibility Program 42 Injury Reduction Through Rehab Exercises 43 Balance Training - Training Theory And Programming
Assessing Athletes & Program Efficacy
44 Creating A Competitive Atmosphere 5:34 45 Testing Organization 3:21 46 Using Testing To Inform Programming
Warm-Up Routines To Improve Athleticism
47 Designing A Warm-Up 2:56 48 Designing A Warm-Up For Athletic Development
Plyometric & Agility Programs
49 Designing Plyometric And Agility Routines 4:41 50 Programming Checklist For A Championship Plyometric Program 51 Recovery Time For Explosive Actions 52 Using Ground Contact To Increase Athleticism 53 Programming An Effective Agility Program 54 Teaching Stopping Mechanics Through Speed And Agility Drills 55 Teaching Transitions 56 Reaction Drills
Linear Speed Programs
57 Designing Linear Speed Routines 3:20 58 The Missing Details Of Linear Speed Programs 59 Intentional Use Of Rest And Recovery For Speed Training 60 Teaching 2-Point And 3-Point Football Stances 61 Applications Of The Universal Athletic Position 62 Creating Sprint Drills From Football Specific Skills
Sport-Specific Conditioning Programs
63 Designing Conditioning Routines 5:42 64 Maximizing Effort And Exertion Level
Strength Training & Muscle Building
65 Designing Strength Training Routines 3:55 66 Training The Nervous System To Recruit Muscle Fibers 67 Programming Rest And Recovery For Strength Training 68 Quick And Easy Adjustments To Vary Weightlifting Exercises 69 What Should Not Be Programmed Into Off-Season Workouts 70 A Simple Technique Fix For Strength Exercises 71 Pros And Cons Of Programming Olympic Lifts And Alternatives 72 Using Strength Training To Teach Stopping Mechanics 73 Using The Feet To Increase Strength And Limit Injuries 74 Programming Different Grips To Enhance Strength 75 Using Machines For Athletic Development 1:50
Supplemental Information
76 Power Point Slides For The Entire Course 77 Exercise Bank And Videos

The Coach


Adam Szabo

Excelerate Athletic Development Founder & CEO


  • I am the owner and founder of Exclerate Athletic Development, LLC
  • Over my 24 year teaching and coaching career, I have been a head football, track, and strength coach.
  • My company has won 6 Ohio State Championships in 5 sports at 4 schools.
  • We have won a state championship at every school within the first 4 years at each school.
  • Have won 5 AABC National Championships.
  • Have been the State/National Runner-Up 7 times in 7 sports.
  • Finished in the State Final 4, 4 times, in 3 different sports.
  • Trained the 2018 Ohio Mr. Football.

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