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by Brandon Jonker
Discover Strength


Educated, Expert Training Staff

Our team of Personal Trainers are not simply people who enjoy fitness. Rather, they are experts who hold degrees in exercise science with focused study in exercise physiology, biomechanics, motor learning, and nutrition. Additionally, they hold certifications from organizations including the American College of Sports Medicine, the gold standard in the field of exercise science. Clients come to Discover Strength to learn from and be pushed by our team of experts.


We want to see you once, no more than twice per week. Our average workout is approximately 30 to 45 minutes. You’ll be working out from the time you walk in until the time you leave. Our approach yields far better results in far less time. The scientific research is very clear: For best results, strength train less, but strength train harder. You will not find a more efficient workout, guaranteed.

Evidence Based

Our entire fitness prescription is based on peer-reviewed scientific research. Rather than jump on the latest fitness fad or market-driven trend, we look at the scientific evidence to determine what will work best for you. This may not be a popular approach. But we’re more concerned with helping you produce great results than we are with being popular.

Strength Training Focus

We focus on strength training, specifically, we are experts in “Resistance Exercise.” In addition to improving muscle strength, we utilize Resistance Exercise as a means to dramatically improve all aspects of fitness. Resistance Exercise with Discover Strength encompasses improvements in body composition, fat loss, metabolism, muscle strength, muscle endurance, bone health, flexibility, cardiovascular health, injury prevention, athletic performance enhancement, and a host of mental/cognitive benefits.


1 The Importance of Eccentric Training 3:15 2 What Is Strength Training 1:55 3 How Many Reps 3:25 4 Machines Vs Freeweights 4:01 5 Training With Intensity 2:05 6 Strength Training Intensity For Females 2:42 7 RMR and Muscle Fatigue Large 2:31 8 PreExhaust 3:07
Upper Body
9 Bench Press 1:24 10 Pecfly: Super Slow Bench Press 5:08 11 DB Bench Press: MedBall Toss 1:42 12 Negative Only ChinUps 2:04
13 MR Shoulder Series 4:46 14 Lateral Raise Pre-Exhaust Shoulder Press 1:43 15 MR Front Raise Negative Only OverheadPress Plate Hold 6:17
16 PecFly (PreExhaust) Into ChestPress 4:36 17 Pec Fly ChestPress 2:47 18 Pec Fly Dip 6:58 19 MedBall Throws 1:38 20 Negative Only Chest Press 2:44 21 PushUps With Negatives 2:20
22 Pullover Followed by Negative only (weighted) ChinUps 4:07 23 Wide Pulldown Over Head Press 4:28 24 Pullover (PreExaust) Wide Pulldown 4:40 25 Negative Only Wide Pulldown 1:46 26 Brutal Upper Back Series 5:00
27 Slow ChinUp Bicep Curl NegChin 5:20 28 Negative Only Bicep Curl 2:37 29 ChinUps_PushUps_NegChin 3:45 30 Dips 2:08 31 Strict Form Dip 1:25 32 Negative Dips 2:16 33 Manual Resistance Triceps_Negative Only Dips 3:32
34 SIT Training 1:28 35 Leg Extension 4:26 36 Leg Extension Treadmill Walk 3:39 37 Time Efficient Treadmill Workout 2:16 38 Walking Treadmill Hill Workout 0:52 39 Hit Hill 1:45 40 LegPress Negative Only Leg Extension 4:13 41 Leg Press Step Ups 3:11 42 Leg Extension Negative (PreExhaust) LegPress 4:25 43 Nasty Leg Combo 6:09 44 Pre-Marathon Pre-Exhaust Series 5:22 45 In-Season Strength Training For Distance Runner 3:01
Negative Workouts
46 Negative Only Workout 10:04

The Coach


Brandon Jonker

Iconic Trainer/Director of Operations at DiscoverStrength



  • Iconic Trainer/Director of Operations
  • Bachelor of Arts in Health and Exercise Science from Gustavus Adolphus College
  • American College of Sports Medicine Certified Exercise Physiologist

Brandon began going to the weight room with some of his friends the summer after his 7th grade football season.  He realized that all of the best players on the varsity team lifted weights, and being a varsity football player was one of his biggest goals.  He began to lift weights religiously and noticed that as he got stronger, he excelled at the sports he was in.  Brandon was hooked from that moment on.  When he got to college, he loved the atmosphere of the football weight room.  He loved the indescribable feeling of working as hard as possible alongside his teammates with one common goal in mind. Brandon has always been amazed with what the human body can do and the level of abuse it can take.  He is passionate about strength training because it allows you to push these limits and show what you are truly made of.

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