Triphasic Training: Manual to Elite Aerobic Health: Implementation and Concepts of General Preparation Phases (GPP)

by Cal Dietz
Triphasic Training: Manual to Elite Aerobic Health: Implementation and Concepts of General Preparation Phases (GPP)


Triphasic Training: General Preparation Phases Training Manual will provide insight discussing the various methods that we have developed, adapted and utilized during these various phases early in training. Within this manual we present brief descriptions on each energy system, but delve much deeper into application discussing several new training modalities that have been developed in the past few months.

The primary initiative as strength and conditioning coaches and sport scientists is to construct the bridge between training extremities and identify the processes that must be put in place in order to harness what the body is truly capable of from a psychological, emotional and physiological perspective. The goal of the General Preparation Phases (GPP) is not to push the athlete into such an extreme state of stress that it causes them to become ill. It is to properly and systematically address preparatory work within the parameters of each system. The belief that training a specific system continuously in order to meet the demands of a sport or position are largely incorrect. While this may come into play when analyzing the data of specific metabolic demands during the construction of peaking phases, it is very important that we highlight that all of these systems work in continuity together on a continuous basis. The primary goal of training the aerobic system is to induce cellular adaptations that will produce long term effects in the athlete’s performance as all qualities of performance replenish at an increased rate with an overall larger more highly functioning aerobic system.

This includes in depth conversation on blood flow restriction training, early phase isometric application, escalating density training, concepts of Super Endurance, metabolic running, along with discussing the Lactate Retention Method and various applications of contralateral training. All of this information is coupled introductory information on completely new training concepts that include the Reflexive Trimetric Method and Individualized Predicative Microcycle Cybernetic conventions. We also introduce training cues on recently developed plank variations that in an essence provide the highest transference to sport than any previously developed concept. This information is coupled with insight on push up variations that are meant to establish fluidity during energy transfer and independent movement via deviating joint angle diaphragmic breathing. Triphasic Training: General Preparation Phases Training Manual also presents information on ever-growing training approaches for improving respiratory efficiency. Topics such as breath holding techniques, various breathing methodologies and the concepts behind mouth taping during exercise are covered within the manual. This information is partnered with information on tools that can be used to improve respiratory efficiency such as the Breath Belt, Reflexive Performance Reset and others. Along with discussion on these various training variables, we take time to give a brief introductory insight into a couple of the testing parameters that we use with the athletes early on in training to identify parametric verses non-parametric relationships. Within this manual information presented information on correlations between efficiency of the aerobic system and the implications that this has on the ability to produce high velocity repeated sprint efforts is also presented.

Triphasic Training: General Preparation Phase Training Manual provides the framework that can form the backbone of all GPP training that has been implemented in the past. This manual should serve as a resource to help develop systematic performance matrices that identify and create intertwined physiological adaptations that not only complement each conjoining metabolic pathway but in general prepare the athlete for future application of increased training stress post preparation phases. Although there will be a massive amount of information, research and practical application presented, this manual also has a secondary purpose as it serves as the jumping point for later works digging even deeper into the physiological analysis of energy system training.


1 1.0 Introduction 2 VIDEOS FROM CHAPTER 1 3 2.0 What's Next? 4 3.0 Why Aerobic Training 5 3.1 Triphasic Download Deload Light Week Method Part 1 6 3.2 Triphasic Download Deload Light Week Method Part 2 7 3.5 A Glimpse into Bioenergetic Manipulation 8 3.5 Triphasic Training Bioenergetics Part 1-4 VIDEOS 9 3.5.1 The Adenosine Triphosphate and Phosphocreatine System 10 3.5.2 The Lactate System 11 GPP Block Lactate Method Local EDT 12 GPP Block 2 Lactate Method local EDT 13 Gpp Block 3 iso 10 Seconds 14 Gpp Block 3 Extreme Myelination Circuit 15 The Benefits of Oscillatory Strength Movements The Oscillatory Glycolysis Hack Part 1 16 3.5.3 - The Aerobic System 17 3.5.3 GPP Ultimate Single Lift Workout DOWNLOAD 18 3.5.4 Isometric Conditioning Circuit For Sport Download 19 3.5.5 Isometric Conditioning Circuit_2 For Sport 20 4.0 Training During Periods of Transition 21 4.1 Applying Aerobic Training VIDEO 22 5.0 Introduction to Triphasic Speed Training Manual for Elite Performance 23 5.1 Training Proprioceptors in our Feet VIDEO 24 6.0 Preview of Performance Testing Concepts 25 6.1 PERFORMANCE MADE SIMPLE 26 6.2 Triphasic Modified Spring Ankle Test 27 7.0 What is Functional Reserve Range 28 7.1 VIDEO ON FUNCTIONAL REVERSE RANGE 29 8.0 Applying Methods of Escalating Density Training 30 8.1 Escalating Density Training Video 31 8.2 GPP Block 1 Aerobic Strength Endurance 32 9.0 Applying the Super Endurance Workouts 33 9.01 Super Endurance Workout Video 34 9.1 Plate Workout For Sport 1 35 9.2 Plate Workout For Sport 2 36 9.3 Simple Dumbbell Conditioning Circuit I and II 37 9.4 Super Endurance Arm Injury Workout 1 38 9.5 Super Endurance General Workout 1 39 9.6 Super Endurance General Workout 2 40 9.7 Super Endurance Leg Injury Workout 41 9.8 Wrestling-Specific Work Capacity Circuit 1 42 9.9 Wrestling-Specific Work Capacity Circuit 2 43 9.10 Non-Spinal Loading Workout For Sport 44 9.11 Injured Hand and Wrist Workout 45 10.0 The Brain Will Go Where the Breath Goes (4.9) 46 10.1 RPR Breathing Reset – The Benefits and Immediate Changes in Athletes 47 10.2 RPR Self Mouth Adjustment for Performance Breathing – Level 2 RPR 48 10.3 Proper Breathing VIDEO 49 11.0 Why Mouth Tape Plays Such an Important Role 50 12.0 The Value of Fasting 51 13.0 Long Duration Isometrics During GPP 52 13.1 VIDEO ON LONG DURATION ISOMETRICS DURING GPP 53 13.2 GPP BLock 1 Aerobic Training Isometric 54 13.3 GPP Block 1 Aerobic Training Isometric 55 13.4 ACUTE EFFECTS OF DIFFERENT STRETCHING DURATIONS ON PASSIVE TORQUE, MOBILITY, AND ISOMETRIC MUSCLE FORCE (1) 56 13.5 ASYMMETRIES IN ISOMETRIC FORCE-TIME CHARACTERISTICS ARE NOT DETRIMENTAL TO CHANGE OF DIRECTION SPEED (1) 57 13.6 Block 1 GPP Contralateral Circuit Station Sheets 58 13.7 Duration and Magnitude of Myofascial Release in 3D Bioengineered Tendons (1) 59 13.8 EFFECT OF A HIGH-INTENSITY ISOMETRIC POTETNIATING WARMUP ON BAT VELOCITY (1) 60 13.9 EFFECT OF LONG-TERM ISOMETRIC TRAINING ON CORETORSO STIFFNESS 61 13.10 Effects of different duration isometric contractions on tendon elasticityin human quadriceps muscles (1) 62 13.11 EFFICIENCY OF PNEUMATIC TOURNIQUET CUFF WITH ASYMMETRIC PRESSURE DISTRIBUTION AT REST AND DURING ISOMETRIC MUSCLE ACTION (1) 63 13.12 INFLUENCES OF FASCICLE LENGTH DURING ISOMETRIC TRAINING ON IMPROVEMENT OF MUSCLE STRENGTH 64 13.13 Influences of repetitive muscle contractions with different modes on tendon elasticity in vivo 65 13.14 Aerobic.Eccentric.5Min 66 14.0 Basis Behind the Contralateral Circuit 67 14.1 Block 1 GPP Contralateral 68 14.2 Contralateral Circuit Video 69 14.3 Aerobic Block Contralateral Circuit Station Training 70 14.4 Contralateral Big Circuit 71 14.5 Super Rotational Contralateral Circuit 72 14.6 Sprinting Specific Sport Plank Level 1 of 3 73 14.7 Sprinting Specific Sport Plank Level One Coaching Points Part 1 of 3 74 15.0 Metabolic Running is a Staple in GPP for Aerobic Health and Injury Prevention 75 Metabolic Running is a Staple in GPP for Aerobic Health and Injury Prevention VIDEO 76 15.1 Game Speed Conditioning – Gym 77 15.2 Game Speed Conditioning – Field 78 16.0 The Lactate Retention Method 79 16.1 Lactate Retention Method Triphasic Training Super Method VIDEO 80 16.2 Lactate Retention Compressed GPP Model Download 81 16.3 Triphasic Super Method Lactate Retention Method DOWNLOAD 82 16.4 Bilateral Lactate 83 16.5 Inertia Lactate 84 16.6 Contra Lactate 85 17.0 The Importance of Incorporating Game Play in GPP 86 17.1 Trashball and Russian Basketball Downloads 87 18.0 Aerobic Performance as it Relates to Repeated Sprint Ability 88 18.1 Triphasic Fast Twitch Repeated Sprint Ability RSA Sequencing Method Part 1 89 18.2 Triphasic Fast Twitch Repeated Sprint Ability RSA Sequencing Method Part 2 90 18.3 Triphasic Fast Twitch Repeated Sprint Ability RSA Sequencing Method Part 3 91 18.4 Triphasic Fast Twitch Repeated Sprint Ability RSA Sequencing Method Part 4 92 19.0 A Quick Introduction to the Correlation Between VO2 Kinetics and Performance 93 20.0 Connection Between Aerobic Exercise and Neurotransmitters 94 20.5 Modulation of the Autonomic Nervous System
Bonus Material
95 Ben Peterson O2 Kinetics 1 96 Speed and Skill Optimization 97 Inside the Cover 98 Optimal Off Season Speed and Conditioning Guidelines for Lifting and Running for Sprinting Sports 99 List of General Conditioning Selections 100 References 101 Triphasic Ranged Plyometric Method Part 1 Intro Facebook Group 102 Triphasic Ranged Plyometric Method Part 2 Intro Facebook Group 103 Performance Pattern Cycling for Athletes Part 1 6:12 104 Performance Pattern Cycling for Athletes Part 2 6:05 105 Performance Pattern Cycling for Athletes Part 3 5:30 106 The Goat Performance Drill - Raise Your Performance Ceiling 107 The Goat Performance Drill - Part 2 - Advanced 3 Ring Method 108 Elite Strength and Conditioning Programs 109 The Goat Performance Drill Part 3: Team Setting Updates and Review

The Coach


Cal Dietz

Strength and Human Performance Coach, Sport Science Consultant


Triphasic Training: Manual to Elite Aerobic Health

Implementation and Concepts of General Preparation Phases (GPP)


Author: Cal Dietz

Cal Dietz has been the Head Olympic Strength and Conditioning coach for numerous sports at the University of Minnesota since 2000. Since Dietz’s return to Minnesota he has developed the Strength and Conditioning Programs and overseeing the daily progress in Men’s Hockey from 2000-present, Men’s’ Basketball from 2004-2010, Women’s Hockey from 2003-present, Men’s Golf from 2000-present, Women’s Golf from 2006-present Men’s Swimming from 2000-Present, Track and Field from 2000-present, Baseball from 2000-2007, 2010 -present, and Wrestling from 2000 to 2004. During his tenure, Dietz has trained: a Hobey Baker Award winner, two Big Ten Athletes of the Year, athletes that have achieved 500 All-American honors, 35 Big Ten/WCHA championships teams and 11 NCAA Team Champions, and 13 teams finish in the top four in the nation. He has consulted with Olympic and World Champions in various sports and professional Teams and athletes in the NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB, and Professional Boxing.


Author and Editor: DeRick O’Connell

DeRick has served in many leadership roles as a Regional Director of Sports Performance, Head Strength Coach and Senior Strength Coach in both private and corporate settings. He has worked with athletes on over 35 professional teams and 60 Division 1 teams.  He was a member of the Medical Advisory Board in a joint venture between Hackensack University Medical Center and the New York Giants. DeRick has made multiple stops with the Strength and Conditioning Department at the University of Minnesota where he currently is. He is also the Performance Manager for Team Gomez, professional fight team, and Director of Sports Performance at Breck School as well as serving as an Author, Editor and Contributor to other works. 


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