Ladder Drills for Quicker Footwork

by King Sports
Ladder Drills for Quicker Footwork


These Agility Ladder videos show how the ladder is the most effect tool for training footwork & quickness.  These training videos were filmed in slow mo to give detailed instruction.  It is important to go slow on patterns until you are familiar with them, then increase your speed as much as you can without losing control. 


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For four decades, Coach King has worked to improve the speed and agility of athletes at every level, by combining the most effective training drills with innovative equipment. His battle tested change of direction agility exercises and sport specific speed training drills continue to impact amateurs and professional athletes alike. Now, Coach King is ready to share these proven drills with you! 

Coach King's athletic development program is rooted in decades of developing faster athletes from the youth level to the world’s highest stage. With that, Texas high school football state championships, three Super Bowl wins with the Dallas Cowboys, years of training Men and Women's Olympic Gold and Silver medalists and decades of equipping dedicated football players to run the gauntlet of NFL preparation.
Today, the same speed and agility training system that has won at the highest levels imaginable can be yours. Purchase your King Sports Training System and elevate your training to the next level!

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  • Super Bowls
  • Olympic Gold Medals
  • Top NFL Draft Picks
  • State Championships
  • Major League Baseball
  • Women's Grand Slams

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Adrian Manescu

good drills

Jan 13, 18 03:58 PM



Nov 14, 20 07:08 PM

Hemant k. Modi


Jun 7, 21 10:26 AM

Fuzzy N/A

Good course, clear instructions.

Aug 6, 22 10:26 AM

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