Understanding Fascia and its role in performance

by Brijesh Patel
Understanding Fascia and its role in performance


Fascia is a complex sensory organ that we have very little understanding of when it comes to athletic performance.

In this course you will learn what fascia is, it's role in performance and how it can impact the programs you deliver to your athletes.


The Coach

I've taken a deep dive into fascia and understanding it's role in performance and why it's a necessary part of the development process in all athletes.

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This was the most informative presentation on fascia, its role, and practical applications to train fascia for performance that I've come across. I could not recommend this course enough.

Jun 27, 20 03:25 PM

Max Glaser

This presentation on fascia is by far one of the best i've seen. As a CSCS/Manual Therapist, this really showcased how fascia "training" can be used at any level. I strongly recommend this course.

Apr 28, 21 03:32 PM

Anthony Donskov

Fantastic info from a knowledgable practitioner and a fantastic human being! Highly recommended! #OneDayBetter

Dec 8, 21 05:44 PM

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