Rich Alten Accelerated MMA Striking System Development

by Rich Alten
Rich Alten Accelerated MMA Striking System Development


The objective of this course is to help educate and improve the sport of mixed martial arts. It's primary focus is to teach how to develop in what I feel is an effective striking system for MMA competition specific. This course also will teach the global concepts and  principals as well as 10 most important, and devastating strikes needed to being a more effective fighter. These  ideas and concepts is not a personal style nor and art, but rather a organized structure of physics and bio mechanics that can relate to the human body and to interpersonal combat,.


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The Coach


Rich Alten

A Comprehensive Cutting Edge Innovative MMA System to Improve all Fighters Knowledge Base and Skills


18 years of Reality-Based Martial Arts
9 years as Chief Instructor in (The Dynamic Combat Method)
7 years as pro fighter
Tactical Defense Law Enforcement Instructor
MMA Coach/Trainer
Wing Chun 
Catching Wresting
Western Boxing/Kickboxing
Jun Fan Gung Fu
Muay Thai
Jeet Kun Do
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Joe Lewis Fighting Systems
Edged Weapons 
Impact Weapons 

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Very original and efficient system

Feb 5, 18 03:09 AM

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