Drill Objective

To practice dribbling and control techniques.

Drill Set-up

Set out a large grid about 30 x 30 yards. Each player has a ball and finds space within the grid.

Drill Progression

For this drill, the grid is a spaceship inside of which each player must keep his or her ball. Whenever a player goes outside the spaceship to retrieve a ball, he or she will cover his/her ears to prevent an internal body explosion! Below are various commands you can call out to players in relation to the theme of popular space movies:
  • Cruise: Players dribble the ball around the spaceship using both feet. 
  • Hyperspeed: Players dribble faster, making sure they keep control of the ball. 
  • Air Brakes: Players stop and put their foot on the ball. If a player is unable to stop the ball immediately during Air Brakes or is unable to quickly follow directions, the coach kicks the ball into space. This is done in good humor. 
  • Force Field: Players find space. If they stop and the coach can reach two players with his hands, then their balls are kicked into space!  
  • Meteor Storm: Players pick up their balls and control with the coach-chosen body part, either head, thigh or foot.  
  • Darth Vader: The coach becomes Darth Vader and parades around the spaceship, attempting to kick everybody's ball into space!