Week One: Dribbling Introduction

The purpose for Week One is merely to introduce your young players to two basic concepts of dribbling: keeping the ball close and dribbling in straight lines. Additionally, it will be beneficial for you as a coach to know the features of the three types of dribbling techniques that we'll be covering - possession, running with the ball and attacking the defender.

  • Includes shielding of the ball. 
  • Keep the body between the ball and the defender. 
  • Play the ball with the farthest foot from the defender. 
  • Keep the body at a right angle to the defender. 
  • Use an arm to make and protect personal space. 
  • Come away from the goal, and lateral movement of the body.

Running with the Ball
  • Used to cover large areas of open space quickly. 
  • Toes are down. 
  • Use of different foot surfaces (e.g., shoelaces, outside of foot). 
  • The first play of the ball is long. 
  • As space to defender decreases, the ball stays closer.