Coaching Youth Softball Fundamentals
by Kelly Jackson

Coach Kelly Jackson covers all the bases in this youth softball coaching course. Jackson's coaching videos provide everything you need to know in order to help each player on your youth softball team succeed. 

Topics covered in this course include:


Chapter 1: Equipment Basics
1 How to Choose the Right Bat
Chapter 2: How to Throw a Softball
2 Basics of Gripping a Softball
3 How to Throw a Softball
Chapter 3: Hitting
4 Proper Grip, Stance and Swing
Chapter 4: Baserunning
5 Rounding First Base
6 Sliding Technique
Chapter 5: Fielding
7 Soft-Hands Paddle Drill
8 Backhand Fielding Drill
9 Outfield Stance
10 Outfield Crow Hop
11 Infield Stance
12 Shuffle Step for Infielders
13 Step to the Ball
14 Backhand Fielding for Infielders
15 Catcher's Stance
Chapter 6: Pitching
16 How To Pitch a Softball
17 Pitching Drills
18 Pitching Precautions

KellyJackson Kelly Jackson President & Lead Instructor of the All-American Softball School in West Sacramento, CA

Coach Kelly Jackson is president and lead instructor of the All-American Softball School in West Sacramento, Calif., where she professionally trains coaches and athletes. Jackson is a former All-Pac-10 player who won a gold medal with the 1992 USA Olympic Team and was a 1996 USA Olympic Team finalist.

She is a seven-time ASA All-American and a veteran starter of the three-time national champion Redding Rebels. An ACE certified instructor, Kelly has been instrumental in developing over 250 collegiate athletes playing in every major conference.

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