FiHitting Part 1: Maximizing Power & Channeling Strength
by Charity Butler

SECTION 1 - Maximize Power at the Plate:
Too often, hitters develop habits of under-rotating or over-rotating the back side. Even when the swing and rotation appear perfect , it's easy to waste some natural power.Find out how a playground, a boxing ring and a hot yellow car can help you understand the necessary fundamentals of the back-side drive.  Charity will help you evaluate your own power and give you mental tips to overcome common mistakes.  This fun tool points you to the perfect back-side drills to help you feel it, so you can fix it!

SECTION 2 - Channel Newfound Strength:
Even when hitters expend a great deal of energy, all power may not necessarily be utilized.  Generating maximum drive is only effective when that strength is channeled in the right direction.What do a waterfall and soup cans have to do with establishing an efficient swing?  Building on Disc and the focus of the back side, Charity explains and demonstrates the importance of a firm front side.  She provides more mental tips and lower half drills that will allow you to make adjustments and to feel common front-side mistakes so you can fix them!

Chapter 1: Maximizing Power - Concepts
1 Nuts and Bolts 00:57
2 Stance and Powerline 06:13
3 Pop Back Hip (Swings) 02:35
4 Boxing 03:05
Chapter 2: Maximizing Power - Drills
5 Intro to Fire Section 00:56
6 Drill 1: Pivots Drill 02:18
7 Drill 2: Firm Front Foot 01:48
8 Drill 3: Plywood Shift 02:34
9 Drill 4: Swing and Walk Through 02:46
10 Drill 5: Balance Beam 03:29
11 Drill 6: Happy Gilmores 03:08
12 Drill 7: Shuffle Swings 02:24
13 Drill 8: Pressure Points 02:37
14 Drill 9: Load and Explode Drill 03:01
Chapter 3: Channel Newfound Strength - Concepts
15 Cha Cha 01:17
16 Waterfall 03:48
17 Phone 03:12
Chapter 4: Channel Newfound Strength - Drills
18 Intro to Fire Section 2 01:04
19 Drill 1: Pivots 02:34
20 Drill 2: Firm Foot Front 02:19
21 Drill 3: Bat Bag Barricade 02:23
22 Drill 4: Plywood Shift 02:42
23 Drill 5: Tennis Ball Dig 02:54
24 Drill 6: Tall Tee 02:35
25 Drill 7: Shuffle Swings 03:33
26 Drill 8: Pressure Points 02:11
27 Drill 9: Load and Explode 01:45

FiHittingSystem Charity Butler Softball Hitting Coach & Founder of FiHittingSystem

Charity played Division 1 softball for the University of Southern Mississippi.  Upon graduation, she launched a professional softball career that has taken her across the U.S. and literally around the world.  Charity is also respected nationally and internationally as a coach, instructor, writer and speaker.  Some of her many achievements include: Two Time ESPN Magazine Academic All-American honors & winning a Swedish National Championship while posting a .610 batting average and .987 slugging percentage.

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