FiHitting Part 2: Generating Bat Speed & Developing Excellent Extension

by Charity Butler
FiHitting Part 2: Generating Bat Speed & Developing Excellent Extension


SECTION 3 - Consistency Booster - Generate Exceptional Bat Speed:
After gaining a solid foundation in the lower half on Discs 1 & 2, it is important to understand the value of quick hands and a compact swing.  Most hitters struggle to keep a short, quick, compact bath-path to the ball.Tag along with Charity as she visits a jobsite and conducts a brickwall experiment to help you feel and understand the "short to it" concept.  She introduces you to effective drills while providing mental tips and ways to avoid common mistakes. Let's learn to feell it, so we can fix it!

Consistency Booster - Develop Excellent Extension:
Many hitters shortchange themselves at the plate by restricting their follow-through.  The longer the bat stays in the hitting zone, the more likely hitters are to hit the ball and hit it well.Not only should we be "short to it", but we should also work to stay "long through it".  Increase your chances in the box by lengthening your extension.  Visit a Karate studio and an airport to discover the great benefits of a long finish.  Use Charity's mental tips, drills, common mistake warnings and adjustment secrets tofeel it, so you can fix it!


The Coach


Charity Butler

Softball Hitting Coach & Founder of FiHittingSystem


Charity played Division 1 softball for the University of Southern Mississippi.  Upon graduation, she launched a professional softball career that has taken her across the U.S. and literally around the world.  Charity is also respected nationally and internationally as a coach, instructor, writer and speaker.  Some of her many achievements include: Two Time ESPN Magazine Academic All-American honors & winning a Swedish National Championship while posting a .610 batting average and .987 slugging percentage.

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