How to Throw a Softball

Learn how to coach the various techniques involved in fundamentally sound throwing for beginner softball players. This softball coaching course taught by veteran coaches Jim Stricchoila and Jodie Ricciardi provides an introduction to the essential skills in throwing a softball.

Topics covered in this course include equipment basics, proper throwing grip and stance, how to grip a softball, and basic motions to improve performance. 

Equipment Basics
1 How to Choose a Softball Glove
2 Softball Uniforms
Tips: How to Throw a Softball
3 How to Grip a Softball
4 Proper Throwing Grip
5 Wrist Snaps
6 Arms-Only Throwing
7 Use Your Legs
8 Take An Extra Step First
9 Basic Motion

JimStricchiola Jim Stricchiola Youth Softball Coach at Torey J. Sabatini School in Madison, NJ

About Jim:
Jim Stricchiola has been playing and coaching softball for the past 26 years. He has coached everything from adult men's softball teams to youth softball teams and runs softball leagues in New Jersey. He has instructed countless softball players - girls on his team and others - in hitting, fielding and the sport in general.

About Jodie:
Jodie Ricciardi is an experienced softball collegiate coach at three New Jersey colleges, Drew University, The College of New Jersey and Princeton University. She currently coaches softball at clinics and camps, and through private lessons. In addition to softball coaching, she is the head women's soccer coach at Mercer County Community College in West Windsor, N.J.

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