Freestyle Optimizer: How to swim faster and improve your freestyle strength

by Stephen Marcus
Freestyle Optimizer: How to swim faster and improve your freestyle strength


How you can stop the 10 most common Front Crawl errors, get faster and improve your freestyle strength

Online course to improve your Crawl swimming technique quickly and transform your strength to swim speed.

10-part course including extensive videos, explanations, demonstrations, correction drills, practice plans and lots of bonus material.

The course helps you improve your freestyle swimming step by step. You will end up needing less effort while swimming noticeably faster – and it will cost you less than a personal coach would charge you for just one hour!

This is what you get in the ten part Online swim course “The Freestyle Optimizer”

  • Detailed analysis and exercises to correct the three most common errors
  • 10 power-inhibiting mistakes that almost everyone makes
  • Clear explanations and videos – right and wrong and spoken by a native speaker
  • Over 30 (!) exercises to correct these 10 errors
  • One practice plan per course chapter to swim by
  • As a season’s special: valuable bonus material on top


The Coach

My name is Stephen and I am a swimming coach and the English voice of the Freestyle Optimizer. I work as a full-time coach and am Head Coach of Kolbotn Il in Norway. I have coached to Junior European Championship level as well as German National Level's as well as helping many masters swimmers and triathletes to there stated goals. I have trained a masters double world champion. I am missing the Olympics so far but am working on this. I have a non-ego approach to swimming by which I mean it is not about me (I swam too at national level but about the swimmers who I coach and improving them).

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