Injury Prevention on High Performance Players | Dragos Luscan

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Injury Prevention on High Performance Players | Dragos Luscan


We both know that tennis is one of the most physically demanding sports in the world, especially in the high performance/pro circuit world.  

Matches can last hours and require incredible aerobic and anaerobic strength, not to mention the repetitive, stressful impact that the game takes on the body.

And there is no faster way for a player's dreams to be crushed and failing to reach his/her potential than by getting injured.

The good news is, sports science has began to uncover what REALLY prevents injuries on and off the tennis court, while making steady improvements in athletic performance so ANY player can reach their full athletic potential.  

And the great news is, it's a formula that ANYONE can follow to minimize risk of injury, stay on court while making positive gains in athletic performance.

In this incredibly well received presentation at the World Tennis Conference, GPTCA/ATP certified, and world-renowned trainer of Simona Halep, Dragos Luscan shows you how to keeping your players healthy, and making steady athletic progress.

In this powerful course, you'll learn from one of the most sought after physical trainers in the world how ANY tennis player can:

- The 2 things you MUST do to ensure injury prevention (once you see this, you'll never look at training the same way).

The key exercises your players should be doing regularly to reduce risk of injury.  (These simple movements are so easy to do, that they're easy NOT to do.  Do NOT make this mistake with your players).

- Why injuries are on the RISE, despite the advances in sports science, and how you can ensure your athletes become more bulletproof as the game gets faster.

- How to fix low back pain... for good.

- Why static stretching might actually be doing more harm than good, and why dynamic stretching is the key to a proper warm-up.

And that's not all, you'll also get:

- Demonstrations of nearly every movement you need to guarantee your players stay on court.

- How mindset is intimately linked to the body.  And what the science says about the impact of a positive state of mind has on recovery and prevention.

- How to avoid rotator cuff injuries, along with the actual exercises needed to prevent them (and we're not JUST talking about external rotation here)

If you coach high performance, college, or professional players... or you're a high performance player yourself, and you'd like to give yourself a serious advantage by staying ahead of injuries before they happen...

then "Injury Performance for High Performance Players" is the course for you.



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Dragos Luscan, GTPCA/ATP international certified coach has worked with stars like Simona Halep, Tecau, and Mergea during the Rio Olympic games.

He is the founder of Kinetofit, and a Physical coach at the "Ion Tiriac" Tennis Academy.

He is a highly sought after international speaker on all topics related to athletic performance, nutrition, recover, fitness and wellness.

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