Role of the Modern Coach - Gary Cahill

by World Tennis Conference
Role of the Modern Coach - Gary Cahill


The modern coach has a LOT more to navigate than every before.  

With the abundance of data, analytics, the advancements in sports psychology, biomechanics, nurtirition... not to mention the rise of social media... there's a lot to deal with.

Gary Cahill, featured presenter at WTC2 by GPTCA/SI has some tremendous insights when it comes to the demands of the modern coach.


In his profound course, Role of the Modern Coach, Gary discusses:

- The stages of behavioral change, and why self reflection may be the most valuable skill we can possess

- The 4 stages of player/coach relationship, and how it changes as a player improves

- The 4 ways you can become a better coach OFF court, that directly influence your on court skills.

- The hidden "pitfalls" that sabotage a players development... and how to manage them.

- Tennis is an individual sport, right?  WRONG... at least, not how you may think.

- And many more insights that will allow you to become the most effective coach you can be.

If you are serious about becoming a better coach, Gary Cahill's pearls of wisdom should not be missed.


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Gary Cahill, featured presenter at WTC2 by GPTCA/SI as a High-Performance Director for Tennis Ireland between 2006-2019,

He played a key role in the development of Ireland’s National Tennis Centre.

Founder of Prodigy Tennis, a provider of performance training services for players, coaches and clubs. Serves as a consultant for the ITF in the field of coach education, while also featuring regularly on the speaking circuit at both home and abroad. Holds a Higher Diploma in Leadership, Executive Coaching and Organizational Behavior. 


It is the most important Tennis Conference in the world which is organized by GPTCA and Segal Institute, supported by ATP.

Each year, virtually it brings together the most important and outstanding international tennis coaches, scientists, personalities, experts with great experience on player development processes, Each one presents us the progressive development pathway of Top Competitive Worldwide Tennis Players.

WORLD TENNIS CONFERENCE by GPTCA/SI has been designed and developed into several presentations and very special content on many different subjects on and off court to help you to keep developing your best strategies for your tennis projects. All presentations are integrated into specialized thematic blocks to maximize the experience of being part of the event.

Is important to remark that when you are buying a presentation/course you are helping to promote tennis because most of the speakers donate their income to Tennis AID, a non-profit organization who is promoting tennis giving racquets, nets, tennis balls, tennis clothes and much more supporting tennis actions in countries like (Ghana, Nigeria, Vietnam, Philippines, Bolivia, Cambodia and others)

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