Tennis Movement Code- Ian Barstow

by World Tennis Conference
Tennis Movement Code- Ian Barstow


Everyone knows, in tennis… movement dictates EVERYTHING.  All else being equal, the best mover wins.
The challenge is, if you ask 100 different strength and conditioning coaches on tour, you’d get 100 different responses.
However, in “The Movement Code”, Ian Barstow, GPTCA/ATP certified physiotherapist revealed a revolutionary (and scientifically proven) way to move at The World Tennis Conference. He also demonstrates how you can train your players (or yourself) to get to more balls in perfect balance, ready to deliver a crushing groundstroke or a finishing volley.
You’ll also discover:
  • Why the change of direction is the key to becoming a more efficient mover.  And how to develop this skill, even with the most “unathletic” individuals.
  • The 5 fundamental movements tennis players make on every shot (and how to systematically become brilliant with them)
When you start incorporating these movements into your training sessions, your players will instantly start to become more explosive, more efficient, while decreasing the risk of injury.
Barstow will also show you:
  • A free App that will allow you to specifically measure EXACTLY how much you and your athletes are improving.
  • How to develop an Athletic “shuffle” pattern just like the pros.
  • Why your brain has a built-in “learning system” for efficient movement, that no coach could ever teach you… and how you can tap into this system effortlessly.
  • How to properly integrate strength training with movement patterns to become more explosive, and efficient at the same time, without risking injury.
  • Why many of the strength trainers are accidentally making tennis players “slower” and how to be sure you keep making steady gains week after week with your players.
And that’s not all, IN “The Movement Code” you’ll also learn:
  • The 5 key exercises to perform allow players to consistently get stronger, faster, and more efficient.
  • A secret “light hack” that makes players' reaction skills razor-sharp.
  • The truth about mobility
  • Why we must train our body’s ability to “look for forehands”
  • The exact protocol for stride length that allows maximum court coverage (without risking injury).
  • What the best players REALLY do on-court (and how any player can mimic them)
  • Why being able to put more force into the ground is the key to becoming a more dynamic tennis player, and how to develop this crucial skill.
  • That 70% of the movement in singles is LATERAL, with 80% of those moves being 4 steps or less! 
If you (or your players) have a desire to become the best that you can be, then “The Movement Code” will give you real, practical strategies and exercises to quickly start dominating with your feet on the court.


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World Tennis Conference

For the Love of the Game


Ian Barstow was a featured presenter at The World Tennis Conference by the GPTCA. His other accomplishemtns include:
  • GPTCA/ATP Certified
  • Masters in Health Science from the University of Florida
  • Has worked for 30 years using science to help athletes move better, including working at 35 grand slams, and fighting sports.
  • Developed a revolutionary approach to movement on the tennis court based on the biomechanics of the best movers



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