Tennis Serve Biomechanics : Cyril Genevois

by World Tennis Conference
Tennis Serve Biomechanics : Cyril Genevois


It's no secret... the serve is the single most important shot in tennis.

It's often the difference between a good player and a great player.

And the difference between a great player and an elite player.

This may seem laughable, but if you never lose serve... you can't lose a match.

So, the question becomes, how can you and your players maximize your serve efficiency...

to produce the most power, spin, accuracy, and consistency?

Cyril Genevois was a featured presenter at World Tennis Conference 2, by GPTCA/SI.  And there's a reason why, as a PhD he's one of the brightest minds in biomechanics.

In this wildly popular presentation, Tennis Serve Biomechanics Genevois shows you:

- Why the kinetic chain of the serve is like a 3 stage rocket.

- The 3 phases and 8 stages that ALL elite servers have mastered (and how you can do the same)

- The key events (and relationships) at each stage of the serve

- What incorrect coordination of the leg-drive and racket drop is... and how you can fix it.

- EXACTLY where to toss the ball for maximum power, spin, consistency, accuracy, AND deception

- The truth about angular momentumm

- And so much more.

If you're in the business of leaving no stone unturned, and maximizing serve power and efficiency potential, then Tennis Serve Biomechanics is a MUST OWN.


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Cyril Genevois, is GPTCA/ATP certified. He also has a Ph.D. in Sports sciences and is a qualified Tennis Professor Level 2 (the highest coaching qualification in France).
Cyril routinely helps players and academies all over the world.



It is the most important Tennis Conference in the world which is organized by GPTCA and Segal Institute, supported by ATP.


Each year, virtually it brings together the most important and outstanding international tennis coaches, scientists, personalities, experts with great experience on player development processes, Each one presents us the progressive development pathway of Top Competitive Worldwide Tennis Players.


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  • Support for physical training planning during and between tournaments
  • Global training load monitoring
PRIVATE COACHING – 2010-Present                                                                                                                     
  • Traveling coach for 14 girls and boys on Tennis Europe tournaments
  • Traveling coach for girls and boys on ITF Junior Tour
  • Traveling coach on ITF woman’s world tennis tour
HEAD TENNIS COACH, Tennis Club De La Pape, France – 1987-2011 
  • Developed innovative tennis programs for players of all ages and ability levels (QuickStart tennis, junior programs, adult programs)
  • Organized training tennis programs for intermediate to national level players
  • Supervised male and female teams participating in team championships at the national level
  • Developed Strength and Conditioning programs for all levels
  • Scouted and developed 8 young players in the country for National Team
  • Developed a great relationship with the members and built a strong tennis staff to support the programs we developed
  • Private Instructor for all aged players year-round
TENNIS COACH, Regional Training Center Of Lyon, 1987-Present                                                            
  • Trained young tennis players involved in the national program
  • Developed strength and conditioning programs for development players
INSTRUCTOR FOR COACHING EDUCATION, French Tennis Federation 1990-Present  
  • Coach education and certification for coaches at the regional level                                                                              
ASSISTANT TEACHER, the University of Lyon since 2012
  • Teaching assistant for computer courses (word, excel, PowerPoint)
  • Effectively supervising masters-level students
  • Jury for the “Strength and conditioning European University degree “
  • Smash Tennis Academy Cairo, Egypt (2016-2017)
  • Ahmedabad, India (2018)


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Andrew Williams

Insightful and thorough by a highly qualified experienced scientist and tennis coach. More please Dr Genevois!

Nov 18, 23 02:12 AM

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