8 Common Errors in HS Rotational Throwers & Drills to Correct Those Errors

by Jim Aikens
8 Common Errors in HS Rotational Throwers & Drills to Correct Those Errors


In this course Coach Aikens goes over eight of the most common errors he has experienced while working with high school rotational throwers. He has broken the errors down to four in the back of the ring, two in the middle of the ring and two in the front of the ring. Coach Aikens also provides multiple drills to help correct these common errors. These errors apply to both shot put & discus throwers.


1 Course Overview 0:36 2 8 Common Errors we will Focus on 1:09
#1 Balance
3 Balance 1:50 4 Issues Bad Balance can Cause the Thrower 1:07 5 Fixing Poor Balance with Step Arounds 1:25 6 Progressing to the 90 Degree Unit Turn 0:40 7 Progression #2 180 Degree Unit Turn 0:47 8 Progression #3 270 Degree Unit Turn 0:45 9 Progression #4 360 Degree Unit Turn 0:53 10 Incorporate Weight with Med Ball 1:11 11 Focus on your Centre of Gravity by Using One Arm 0:43 12 Force your Body to Feel the Balance by Adding a Shot Put 1:18 13 Utilizing the Same Cues for the Discus 0:32
#2 Over Rotation
14 Over Rotation 1:01 15 Causes for Over Rotation 1:48 16 Drill Down on Rotation Foundations 1:13 17 Teaching your Force to Drive the Correct Way 0:48 18 Correctly Position your Shoulders with the 270 Degree Drive Drill 0:44
#3 Leaning Out
19 Lean out of the Back of the Ring 0:56 20 Causes for Leaning out 1:03 21 Unwind to the Middle of the Ring 0:58 22 Adding Weight and Poles to the Rotations 2:00
#4 Weight Shift
23 Improper Weight Shift 2:07 24 Wind to Unwind to Balance 1:20 25 Around the Left Drill 1:19 26 Using a Barrier for Rotations 0:39
#5 Transition
27 Poor Transition to the Middle of the Ring 2:42 28 Bad Non Support Phase 1:43 29 Hip Flip Position Drill 1:07 30 Progress to the Movement 1:36 31 Increase the Dynamic Movement of the Hip 1:11
#6 Right Foot Pivot
32 Poor Right Foot Pivot 2:35 33 Right Foot Pivot Drill 1:33 34 Help the Thrower Feel Their Weight Over Pivoting Foot 1:16 35 Progress to Feel the Transition 1:33
#7 Hip Shift
36 Hips Shift in Front 1:40 37 Heel Up & Heel Down 1:21 38 Develop the Correct Stand Throw 3:19 39 Slow Motion Powers 0:42
#8 Release
40 Release Issues 0:59 41 Elbow Drop 0:54 42 Drills for Shot Release 1:25 43 Discus not Perpendicular 2:10 44 Discus Orbit Drill 0:54 45 Pole Across Shoulders 1:16
Next Steps
46 Great Resources 2:10

The Coach


Jim Aikens

Head Track & Field Coach at William Fremd High School in Palatine, Illinois


Jim Aikens has been coaching the throws since 1984. He has been the head coach at William Fremd High School in Palatine, Illinois since 1990. During this time Jim’s throwers have medaled at national competitions, won four state championships and 21 other state medals. Jim's throwers have also won numerous sectional and conference championships.  Jim has had 5 throwers toss the shot 60 feet or better.  Jim has earned his USA Track & Field Level 1 and Level 2 certification.  In 2014 Jim was chosen as one of the eight finalists for the National High School Coaches Association Coach of the Year.  He has also served as President for the Illinois Track and Cross-Country Coaches Association and is a member of their Hall of Fame.  Jim’s teams have won nine conference championships, nine sectional championships, and five top 8 finishes at the Illinois state meet. Jim retired from William Fremd HS in 2017. He coached throws at Burlington Central HS from 2018 until 2021. There he coached a state champion in the boys shot as well as a 2nd & 5th place finisher in the girl’s discus. Coach Aikens has published several articles and videos about the throws and training for the throws. 

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