Feed the Cats: Data-Driven Speed Training

by Tony Holler
Feed the Cats: Data-Driven Speed Training



“RECORD RANK PUBLISH” is the FOURTH course of an ambitious “Feed the Cats certification program created by Tony Holler. This is a 100-level course, signifying that it’s content is NOT sport specific.

Feed the Cats is a revolutionary way of training, coaching, and teaching that values specificity, essentialism, performance, and love. After gaining a world-wide following in Track & Field, FTC has now gained a foothold in American football.

The target audience of “RECORD RANK PUBLISH”  is coaches. There’s over two hours of detailed teaching including 35 minutes of Google Sheet tutorial. RECORD RANK PUBLISH literally feeds the cats. Data-driven speed training is the centerpiece of Coach Holler’s speed program. The instruction connects simply and directly. With 39 years of coaching and teaching experience, Coach Holler has found ways to connect with his audience without the sophisticated complexity of most presenters.

The first two courses, The Speed Workout and X-Factor have a combined 2.5 hours of content, giving athletes (and coaches) everything they need to prioritize speed in the off-season. The third course, Block Starts, is arguably one of the most detailed instructional videos ever produced on the subject of block starts and acceleration.

More courses are on the way!

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The Coach


Tony Holler

Head track coach at Plainfield North High School. 42 years experience coaching football, basketball, and track. Member of Illinois Track & Field Hall of Fame and Co-director of Track Football Consortium with Chris Korfist


  • Head Boy's Track & Field at Plainfield North High School (IL)
  • Retired Chemistry Teacher
  • Public Speaker
  • Writer for FreelapUSA, SimpliFaster, & ITCCCA
  • Creator and Owner of "Feed the Cats"
  • Co-Owner of Track Football Consortium
  • Certified Teacher of Reflexive Performance Reset

Ratings and Reviews (8)

Brad Cooley

Excellent as always!

Jan 10, 21 01:04 PM

Johnny Peterson

👍🏾 great

Jan 18, 21 10:39 AM

Sunny Huynh

love the idea of measuring things, because if you don't, you definitely get loss and complacent

Apr 3, 21 01:18 PM

olivier nemery

great course very useful for to create sheets

Apr 25, 21 09:25 AM

Derek Shore

Excellent. Thorough, knowledgeable, and gets to the point. I love this guy!

Jan 7, 22 12:32 PM

Irvin Sigler

More great stuff. The message is clear, concise and methodical. There is one way to get faster - and Tony has nailed it.

Mar 17, 22 08:30 AM

Mario Mathis

I loved every second of it.

Nov 25, 23 06:20 PM

Camille Barnett

Very detailed on how to record rank and publish. Since I’m. It computer program savy, it was very helpful for me! Wish his language was more professional.

Mar 17, 24 03:08 AM

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